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Soul Hiker Espresso

Soul Hiker Espresso: What Inspired me this Week

This is a Soul Hiker Espresso post – a short post where I link to videos and articles which have inspired me or left an impression of some sort. Let me share some links to what has inspired me this week – Enjoy   Inspiring Magical Music moment in front of a Grocery Store: I absolutely loved this video because it’s such…

Soul Hiker Espresso: Inspirations of the week

  The theme of this second edition of Soul Hiker espresso is inspirations (after finishing this sentence I just realized I am jotting down this in a cafe` called inspirations…can I call that synchronicity?). The topic of inspirations has been a pervasive thought clouding my head recently, possibly incited by a felt sense that moments of inspirations have been particularly…

Launching Soul Hiker Espresso

Welcome to Soul Hiker espresso – the very first of a series of posts which capture the essence of Soul Hiker in short snippets of interesting and helpful information about personal development and related topics. This issue’s theme: Improving life through tweaking those filter knobs!   We all have and use filters! These filters make us understand and interpret the…

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