Positive Thinking: Tips for Getting Ahead

This is a Guest post by Lauren Bailey

The power that positive thinking can have in one’s life is no new concept. Many of us know that positive inner thought and a generally positive outlook throughout daily life is a great way to get ahead in your pursuits and feel satisfied about life.

But, of course, while many of us know that these things are true, not many of us actually put them into practice. Maintaining a positive and productive outlook on your life and your personal and professional endeavors can be quite difficult at times. Our lives can pass through challenging moments—some more challenging than average. There are times when it feels almost impossible to maintain that positive mindset. Once our inner thoughts begin to turn negative, a dangerous pattern can easily start to develop.

Rest assured that these patterns are not irreversible. Here are some techniques and tips for actually achieving and maintaining that positive outlook:

Identify Triggers

To seek a more positive outlook on life you have to look inwards first. That is the first mark on the map.

It is your inner thoughts and voice that create much of the negativity or positivity that you feel and display outwardly. For this reason, it is essential that you listen to your inner voice and try to pinpoint the source of negative thoughts. While I do not completely recommend focusing solely on your own negative thoughts, it is the right place to start.

You want to try to identify what things in your environment and events happening throughout your day trigger negative feelings in you. Once you get a glimpse of where these negative feelings come from, you will be better prepared to change or alter those triggers. Listen to yourself carefully and jot down every time you feel negatively or have negative thoughts that disrupt your day. Once you are able to identify a pattern in your negative thoughts, you should be able to respond to them. Start becoming aware when you are entering a situation or atmosphere that causes you negativity and prepare for it accordingly. Try to enter the situation with an already overly positive mindset. This will help preempt those negative triggers.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

One of the most productive things that you can do for your own personal positivity is to try to surround yourself with positive things and people as much as possible. By putting yourself in positive and productive situations, you will be more likely to be positive and productive with yourself.

Oftentimes we can find ourselves stuck in a cycle of negativity. At work or in our personal lives, if there are people or friends who are consistently in a broody mood around us, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of negativity with such people. They say something negative and we respond to that comment with something negative. While the negative talk may be generally harmless, it does put us (and the other people) into a negative mindset.

Cycles of negative talk are very common among close coworkers or friends, however, as well all know, this negative cycle does very little to improve the situation (and in reality usually perpetuates the negative situation). Try to surround yourself with people and situations that encourage positive thinking and a positive attitude.

 It’s All about Perspective

Perspective plays a large and important role in our outlook on life.

If you feel that individuals are “out to get you” or that you are constantly dealing with “bad luck”, it can be extremely difficult to remain positive in your pursuits. You have to take a look at your perspective on life and in certain situations. Don’t victimize yourself (even though it can be easy to do so at times).

You need to take action and responsibility for your own circumstances. If you are unhappy with things, take the actions and ownership to change and fix them. Moreover, rather than looking at things from a negative light, try to shine some positivity onto it by changing your perspective. Look for the positive in things. Even the most negative of situations and the most negative of people have some glimmer of positivity about them. Rather than scrounging things for the aspects that bring you down and make you feel negative, look for the good. It’s not necessarily easy to change your perspective on things, but it can definitely be done and become one of the most important personal alterations you can do.

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  1. Positive thinking don’t rely on friend circle. Its depend on your own thinking, how you handle the situation, way to look at life.etc.

  2. Being with the right circle of friends is one way to attract positive vibes in your life. It is also important to control ones emotions and act not with it but base on it.

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