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The Problem of Individual Choice & Why We Should Care About Social Choices

In this talk, Renata Saleci makes an important point about our unhealthy obsession with making choices – or rather how we became so consumed by the idea of making rational choices for ourselves that we lost sight of social responsibility – that is making choices for the benefit of the collective present and future.

For me the subject of choice is important because it is closely linked to the idea of simplifying one’s life – a key topic I am currently diving deeper in. Basically making a choice supposedly means reducing noise and uncertainty from possible future scenarios. At the same time, we are under social pressure to make rational choices for ourselves all the time and this in itself is bringing more anxiety and pressure to make the right choices.

“Did I make the right career move?”

“Did I invest my money wisely?”

“Did I choose the right school for my children?”

We are becoming consumed by this and it has become a major source for stress and unhappiness. So instead of reducing complexity in our lives, our obsession with choices is actually increasing it. Living a simpler life requires that we don’t get lost in making choices but rather practice the art of making elegant choices – that is choices that come from a clear and open heart and mind and in line with our general life purpose rather than being sucked up into futile and resource intensive detail or worry!

It’s a Problem-free Philosophy

  Yes I know, the title is a literal contradiction that slaps you right in the face. Philosophy is much about tackling questions to big problems than anything else. However if you have kids, or still nourishing the kid inside of you, then you might see beyond the apparent contradiction and reminisce the Walt Disney animation ‘The Lion King’specifically the…

How to Survive the ‘Negativity Pandemic’

Lately we have heard so much about the global economic crisis, recessions, job cuts, natural disasters, increasing environmental problems and so on. Continuous talk about these things can easily influence the collective psyche in a negative way. Even before recent events, we have always been bombarded with news, images and video clips of tragedies, wars,disasters, violence, crime,etc  from a very…

Save the World: Live in Balance & Inner Harmony

Life is in perfect balance & harmony. It is in dynamic balance or equilibrium, meaning that although it is in constant flux, with things coming and going out of existence, the net effect is total balance. It is also in harmony because its different forms fit in and blend together. Observing nature you can see a lot of example of…

The Strength of Non-Resistance

Ancient Eastern Philosophy has taught a lot about the concept of non-resistance. This view has been deeply rooted as a cultural way of life as can be most popularly seen in the martial arts for example. Most internal martial arts such as Tai Chi, for instance, are built on this principle of non-resistance and ‘action without action’ (Wei Wu Wei)…

Overcoming Fear and Breaking Free from its Tyranny

Fear is a cruel tyrant and we all know it. It debilitates us and immobilizes us, by restricting our possible responses to life and thus severely limiting it. It effectively sabotages us from succeeding in reaching a goal or achieving happiness and peace of mind. Fear can make us reject an opportunity to make a public speech, hold us from…

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