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How to find happiness within yourself: a rough guide

  Note: this article is about 1,400 words long and takes about five minutes to read. If you want to understand more how to find happiness within yourself then I guess they’re five minutes well spent. The article suggests that we ought to find happiness by discarding certain ‘mental models’ we are used to. More importantly to look within ourselves…

Expanding consciousness through compassion & loving kindness

The notion of practicing compassion for other fellow humans has been with us since the beginning of time. After all, Man is a social creature in need of meaningful social connections in order to grow on all levels of his being. The concept of compassion however has in recent times been appraised in value. Its importance is starting to be…

Music for the Soul

I always wondered about the deep connection between humans and music. The origin of music is unknown or at least we only have a very vague idea as to how far its stretches back in time, mainly through the findings of rudimental bone-made musical instruments found in early cave dwellings. It would also be interesting to know at which stage…

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