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5 ‘World views’ the world can do without

The world has been shaped and coloured by myriads of political ideologies, cultural dispositions, religious beliefs and spiritual affinities.  It is also strongly influenced by the zeitgeist or the collective spirit of the moment. Some of them have been good and perhaps even though strongly resisted or fought over at first, they were conducive to the right social change. Some…

Experiments in Faith and leaps of Science

One of the biggest ongoing debates in the last two centuries is definitely the one between the conflicting views of faith and science. For too long now it seems that these views are not only irreconcilable but mutually exclusive. In simplistic terms, faith is commonly associated with the belief in a divine power which is not grounded in the senses,…

A Note on Happiness

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” Aristotle Every living being in this world seeks happiness whether s/he is aware of it or not.  It is the meaning and purpose of life as Aristotle had noted. “Isn’t it obvious?” I hear you say. Yet is it really that obvious I…

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