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Why Passion is such a Bad Thing

I have been annoyed for some time now about the frequent misuse of the term ‘Passion’ in the personal development arena. I must admit beforehand that I was also guilty of the same mistake in one or two of my past articles. The thing is that passion is most frequently used to mean a positive quality that is essential for…

Why Resolutions Fail

This is a Guest Post by Joseph Philips of Lifelong Project Did you know that most people ditch their resolutions before January is over and many more give up on their resolutions before springtime? That’s a result based on a survey from FranklinCovey. And when we fail from a resolution we feel lousy, depressed, and deflated. And then December rolls…

Heart Driven Success

There are many factors that play a determining role in success. The most commonly identified are qualities such as passion, determination, perseverance, good planning, intuition and creativity amongst a few others. It is to be said, however, that not all success comes from the heart or leads to happiness. There is success which comes from taking smart decisions, hard work…

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