Every time we start a New Year, many of us put a fresh new intent to their hopes and dreams, or take some of the forgotten goals of the previous year out of the drawer and onto the table to be worked upon once again. The idea of starting new goals, or what traditionally have been referred to as New Year’s resolutions (I dislike this term as it has somehow superficial connotations and a notoriety of almost always failing) is, more than anything else, symbolic and meaningful, as we intentionally align our goals with the reset of the calendar year. It is an opportunity to boldly step out of our comfort zones and commit ourselves to some positive change in our lifestyle or life situation, whether it has to do with career, finances, family & relationships, or self-growth.

Many would agree with me that some of the most meaningful life changes we can experience are related to self-growth – to deep & positive transformation and inner shifts – because all other outer life changes, whether family, relationships, money or health, are only truly realised when we change something within. A big shift in perspective, letting go of old patterns, healing past traumas, changing deep seated habits or adopting a positive new attitude towards the people and situations around you, can all be game changers that can bring nothing short of a miracle to your life.

I believe that we should claim 2019 to be a year of Self-growth and meaningful change. It’s not just a fancy idea but it’s a meaningful one because as creators we have the power to give meaning and value to anything we want to manifest into our reality. This is even more true on a collective level whether through an online community as this one or beyond.

I am suggesting a few self-growth goals you may want to pick and focus on in 2019. Some of them you may already have achieved or currently working on. Nevertheless, whatever goal you wish to work on throughout 2019, whether a pick from the list below or something else that is not, share it with us by leaving a comment to this post. It’s an excellent way to reconfirm your goal and also to help motivate others who are still undecided or unsure.

Make Lots of Discovery!

Would you like to make some really important and cool discoveries in 2019? What new things about yourself and the world would you like to bring out to light? Life is about discovery. We are all spiritual beings experimenting with a physical embodiment. There is excitement, remembrance and growth in discovery. Just look at children just discovering their world – That spark of genius, passion, joy, excitement and energy buzzing around them. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that a big part of what we came here for? Certainly yes!

As adults we attenuate that energy and excitement when it comes to discovering something new. Actually most of our discoveries are not really discoveries but more like trivial facts, gossip and news. So dull! I would like to be ready with my eyes open this year to make real discoveries instead of let them fly over my head like a boring adult! I want to make some important discoveries – Self-discoveries first – uncovering things about myself I wasn’t putting conscious attention on. Maybe strengths I can leverage on and be grateful for. Or perhaps self-defeating patterns that are an obstacle to my growth. Learning, discovering, growing!

It’s also about discovering your world. Perhaps traveling around and if that is not possible, being more attentive and responsive to things happening around you. You will be surprised how much can be uncovered just by changing our attention. A whole new world can open up before your eyes, waiting to be discovered!

Making New Connections & Strengthening Old Ones

Life is also about connections. Actually life is connections. If there were no bonds or connections, there would be nowhere for life to move, grow and recreate itself through. Getting connected is also a big part of human life. We live so much happier and healthier when we are supported through the bonds and connections with our loved ones and friends.

So you might be too busy or committed to think you can make new connections but you would be wrong. There is always chance to get connected, anywhere and anytime. It could be finding a new partner, starting up a family, having children, making new friends or colleagues, etc. It could also be about deepening or healing a connection that you already have. This is as important and powerful and making new alliances.

Let things be Revealed to You

One think I have set for myself in 2019 is to have more transparency and clarity. The most important part is having clarity and transparency with and about myself. That means not blocking, hiding or suppressing anything that goes on. I want to have glass walls within my psyche. Why? Because the less things there are in the shadows, the more things will be revealed and come to light. You are ‘lighter’ in both senses of the word.

You might want things to be revealed to you – not necessarily to feel discomfort or pain of having to deal with suppressed emotions or disillusions because there is an incredible flip side to it. The more you peel off your old self and reveal more your inner truth, the more space you create inside of you to free up energy and life. Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing constant bouts of love and bliss flowing through you.

Aligning to Life, Love and Others

When things go out of alignment we feel out of luck or out of love. Life becomes harder. But being out of alignment only means having your heart out of alignment, which in other words means that you are not trusting fully and following your heart more than you are following your mind and conditioning.

Living a life aligned with your heart is when everything flows synchronistically and people, love and opportunities come towards you instead of away from you.

Realising Deeper Truths

Also similar to making new discoveries and letting things be revealed to you, is the intention of getting realisations. Realisations are somehow deeper than discoveries and less broad than revelations. Realisations are those a-ha moments when your entire being bursts in excitement at the knowledge of having understood a deep truth which can be applied to improve one’s Self and grow. For example, the realisation that we are creators and we will always create our future wether consciously or unconsciously (so we might as well live with intention) was one of the many realisations that brought a sudden change or perspective that changed many other things in return.

Committing more Fully to Your Path

A good New Year intention is to stay committed to your path and dreams. Keep on being more faithful to yourself and your dreams. Don’t let them out of sight and do what is possible to keep them alive and nurture them. On a group level, more people joining in and committing themselves to make this a better place

Honouring Yourself

Well 2019 is definitely a good time to start honouring yourself! Honour yourself, your virtues, your abilities and your freedom as a sovereign individual. Start also honouring each other more on a social level; Honouring ourselves as humans – hence shifting consciousness on a more planetary scale

Give it More Love

First of all as with honouring yourself, it’s always a good time to love yourself more truly and deeply. Allow, accepting and surrender to your heart. Stop fighting, resisting and comparing. Start investing more precious time in loving yourself and life.

Experiment more with life and enjoy it

Get freaky and do the unusual; change habits; go out of your comfort zones more. Experiment and do less of the same and more new things even if there doesn’t seem to be a method to the madness first. Just push yourself to try out more new things and be more accepting of whatever comes your way. Life is an experiment – don’t forget that – and we are all experimenting at the same time.

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