4 Ways Keeping a Diary Makes Your Life Better

This is a Guest Post by Mat Good

A diary is traditionally defined as a book or journal in which individuals record the events, stressors, and dreams of their daily life. Popular media has created the cultural stereotype of diaries as a teenage girl thing, yet the truth is that diaries can be enjoyed by – and helpful to – individuals of all ages and genders. People who jot down mental notes and daily rants in a diary often find that it helps them relieve stress build up. Besides, it is an effective way to plan ahead, keep perspective on things and is an easily available media where one can evaluate the pros and cons of a given situation on paper. I would gladly recommend considering starting a diary today. Here are a few reminders on the beneficial and practical changes that keeping a diary can bring about in your life!

1. Stress Relief:

One of the most important benefits of a diary is its ability to relieve stress. Individuals who write in a diary on a regular basis often find that it helps them to get their thoughts, concerns, and stressors off their mind in a safe and secure manner. In this way, diaries function much like psychologists or a frienfly ear —they simply “listen” and allow the user to vent their problems and worries. By releasing these thoughts, diary users may feel less stress and pressure in their work or personal life.

2. Planning for the Future

Stress relief is not the only way that a diary can make one’s life better.In fact many individuals rely on it for assistance when it comes to planning thing ahead for the future – such as events, projects, career and personal development among others. By identifying upcoming events, expenses, or projects in your diary, you are more likely to plan diligently and complete your tasks successfully and without oversights. Diaries may also be useful for keeping tabs on your finances such as saving for a car, house, or other large expense.

3. Decision Making

When it comes to making a difficult choice, most of us have no idea where to even start in the decision making process. In this case, a diary can also prove to be quite of an a ally. By jotting down and scoring ideas on a diary, you can ‘solidify’ and reinforce the pros and cons of taking a new job, dating a new person, buying a new house, or participating in another life-changing event altogether. Very often such an excercise has proven to be a total life-saver for myself and others. Pouring your thoughts about possible outcomes on paper will most of the time help you assess, analyze and evaluate a problem or issue in ways that you would have failed to see otherwise. It can help clarify knotty isues or muddled thinking and bring that ‘a-ha idea’ to the fore.

4. Better Perspective

These days, we hear more and more about the concept of perspective and the importance it should be given in our daily lives. Traditionally, when individuals refer to perspective, they are thinking of the process by which people creatively review a current life situation against a broader spectrum of past and analogous situations. Using a diary is a great way to obtain perspective on a given situation since it gives its authors the ability to track and correlate current issues with a broader understanding of things, abstracted from past and familiar journal entries. Of course a diary will not make you keep perspective on things by itself but rather will be an indispensable and inexpensive tool to make such an outcome highly possible and within arm’s reach!


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Author: Mat Good. Mat is a health enthusiast and likes to write about useful relaxation tips to help out people looking for ways to make their life happier. His articles will help you to destress yourself and live a stress free life.

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