I am so excited about how this year started off with a bang! For me the greatest reward so far was getting to know more and more people and helping them out through my writing and my online course – The Art of Simplicity.

You might have missed a previous email I sent (you are forgiven – it was close to Christmas time!). Anyway, in the email I sent you a link to get a one-time limited 80% offer on my course. That means that until 12th January you can get 12 lectures and over 2 hours of high quality content for only $10. 

Here is the link again:


The course is simple to follow. Just get yourself cozy and watch some video presentations I prepared for you. No need anything special or any previous knowledge. I will show you how to simplify your life in order to live in focus with your life purpose without clutter, stress and unnecessary stuff.

I hope I’ll be adding you to the list of people I have helped achieve more in life 🙂

Take care for now!

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