By Charlie Rogers, Soul Hiker Contributor


The phrase “good vibes only” may be the stuff of mugs and tee shirts nowadays, but we must take it much more seriously. Vibrations, after all, is your personal energy.

It is the energy you radiate from you and also what you carry within. Your vibration is unique to you and reflects so many things about you: your beliefs, words you speak, even your self-care.

If your vibration is low for whatever reason, the light particles within are vibrating slow and they get pushed together. The energy within you feels unwell and you are not being your true self; rather you are operating out of your ego. This leads to unhealthy feelings and emotions like resentment, jealousy, shame, anger, and fear.

In short, we have to keep vibrations high, so you are your best, healthy self. This article seeks to show you five great ways to keep those vibrations high on a permanent basis.

#1 Handle Your Energy Vampires

Chances are you know what an “energy vampire” is. They are people who are not in tune with their own vibes at all; they are people who require a lot of our energy to deal with even when it comes to standard interactions.

In order to permanently raise your own vibes, you must carefully handle energy vampires so that you are not depleted of the good energy you need. To begin, make a list of people who are energy givers and takers.

Start evaluating how you want to approach them: will you eliminate them or keep them in limited contact?

Next, deal with them. Approach them but set clear boundaries. “I have five minutes to talk; what do you need?” or even simply ending the conversation politely and just walking away is fine too. Remember, you are in control of how others may talk to you.

#2 Drink Clean, Pure Water

Water has healing properties that are numerous. Water is the lifeblood of everything. Without water, we are really nothing. And, our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water, about 55% to be exact!

Without enough H20, we are not performing at our best. So, find yourself some delicious, pure water that you filter yourself or gather from a natural spring. Drink at least 8 8 oz glasses of water a day.

And, you can also do some spiritual things to help your water become even more of a healing element. Try these:

  • Swirl your water around like you would a wine. The tornado formed inside, they say, increases the vibration of the water.
  • Make a heart shape around your water or vessel before you drink and thank the water for its properties. Then, drink away!
  • Drink out of a glass that features a helpful phrase or picture to make you happy as you consume.

#3 Do Good Recklessly

What started as a benign Tumblr thread has become a way of life for those of us seeking to raise our good vibrations. When you do good recklessly, or do random acts of kindness, even, you raise your good vibrations like you wouldn’t believe.

So, what can we do in terms of kind things? Well, if you are shy, it can be hard. Start by holding the door open for others as you walk into a business or office. Be sure you always say “Please” and “Thank You.”

Give some money to somebody who is less fortunate than you by way of a charity or buy a homeless person a meal. If you miss a friend, you haven’t spoken to in a while send them a nice gift to let them know you would like to catch up. The good feeling can last all day when you do a nice thing!

#4 State Positive Affirmations

Find some words, verses, song lyrics, or even make up your own phrases that make you feel good and positive. These should be simple phrases you can say-actually say-to yourself out loud as a way of making yourself feel stronger, happier and more positive.

You should aim to say these100 times a day. You don’t have to count, but the idea is to get into the positive mindset and take that with you as you go about your day. Here are some positive affirmations you can use if you need some ideas:

  • I am happy.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am grateful.
  • I am not afraid.
  • I CAN do this.
  • I am not afraid of a change.

These affirmations may seem unbelievable at first, but the more you practice, the more you will believe them!

#5 Engage in Hearty Laughter

Nothing, and we mean nothing, feels better than a good belly laugh. Call up a friend or sibling and reminisce about all the funny things you did growing up. Find yourself a funny television show, new or old and watch one episode a day.

Write down moments that make you laugh so that you can go back and read them when you need to remember a funny moment. Find a comedy bit you love and watch it. Find humor in the silly, day to day interactions that happen in everyday life and laugh at yourself.

Laugh with others, laugh by yourself at funny memes or videos, just make sure that you make time to smile and take life less seriously. The benefits of laughter are numerous, and we all know how good we feel after a great laugh.

In Closing

Keeping our vibrations high is a lot like taking showers and brushing our teeth: We must do it often and make it a daily habit, so it becomes a habit and ingrained into our day to day routine. By doing it each day, it becomes much easier and comes naturally to us all.

If we fail to constantly remind ourselves of the good, forego performing acts of kindness to others, and forget to laugh-among other things-we start to become clouded with negative ideas, emotions and mindsets.

Fight the negativity by doing these simple things, and keep the goodness flowing-and your vibrations will always be high.


Charlie Rogers is a spiritual teacher/LOA coach who has been helping others around the world live a more fulfilling and abundant lifestyle. You can find her at Modern Day Manifestations, a spiritual place to help you manifest your desires.

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