A Note from the Editor:

This guest post by Cormac Reynolds of Astral Zen is a particularly helpful introduction for those who have never heard of the concept of Lucid Dreaming and are interested to find out some more about the topic. It is also ideal for those who have come across the subject on some occasions but were never given a good intro to it. In both cases this would be an ideal concise but power-packed kick-starter!
Having said this, I would still highly recommend this article to those readers who are already fairly acquainted with the subject or who are lucid dreamers themselves. Sometimes when we re-read basic stuff we come to realize that in our excitement on following a particular path we have missed a basic but key idea on the matter. I often fall victim of this oversight myself.

Lucid Dreaming is by far one of the most interesting topics to research, discuss and practice in your daily life. It opens up new horizons in your personal development, insights about yourself, mind and consciousness and let’s face it a great deal of fun! How about becoming conscious and controlling your dreams – fully immersed in a 3D hyper-reality? Flying over enchanted landscapes, visiting other worlds and dimensions or travel through the past and future? On a higher level, and more importantly, Lucid dreaming is a powerful aid in pursuing your spiritual path. How would you like having insightful discussions with your subconscious or enlightened masters, visiting childhood memories, healing energy blocks and unleashing hidden abilities and talents?

I can vouch for this extraordinary phenomenon we all have access to – as I am a newcomer in the growing crowd of lucid dreamers myself. I am looking forward to share more with you on the subject in later posts 🙂

What is lucid dreaming and how does it work?

[GARD align=left]Lucid dreaming is most definitely an elusive sleep pattern for many, with some people never having experienced a lucid dream in their entire lives. In this brief guide we look at what lucid dreaming is, how it works and how you can try and invoke a lucid dream for yourself.

Lucid dreaming is, at its most basic level, being able to control your dreams. Whilst such an idea sounds bizarre to those that have not experienced it, it most certainly exists; in fact, it’s even possible to work on techniques that evoke lucid dreaming. (more…)

A Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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