I wanted to reach out to all the members of the Soul Hiker community and deliver a gift as a thank you for the love and support!!

My gift for you is an eBook titled ‘The Four Elements of Manifesting Magic & Miracles‘ and it is essentially a succinct 62-page book on the four simple cosmic principles behind manifestation and reality creation.

If you have been working with manifestation and the law of attraction or find the topic interesting, then this is something that is going to really spark your imagination and give you ‘a-ha’ moments of why some things were not working while some others were!

These four cosmic principles are at the heart of every creation whether it is that of a whole Universe or the manifestation of your heart’s desire. Some of the ideas might be familiar to you through other manifestation or law of attraction material, but the eBook pretty much ties up all the aspects, especially the ones left out by other teachings, in one straight-to-the point style.

More importantly the ‘Flight Technique’ presented in the book offers a different angle to how and why we can create anything we want that is easy to understand and integrate fully into your life.

Download your Free Gift

I wish you lots of Magic & Miracles to start flowing into your life!!


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