A Shamanic Saturday Afternoon - Photo by Gilbert Ross
A Shamanic Saturday Afternoon - Photo by Gilbert Ross

Last Saturday I went for a bit of Soul Hiking up in the northwestern part of the island (see here). I didn’t take much with me…just my camera, some water and my soul.

The weather was fantastic. That part of the island has some magic in it which I can’t explain better than a picture I took (above) and a poem I wrote  here below:

The north-westerly wind chanted prayers in my ears

Its salt-laden mouth weaved words in languages strange

The waves below crashed into riddles of brittle sound

A prelude to tales of near and distant seas unbound

The heavens echoed white plumes of remembrance

Clouds of fleeting memories against a darkening canvas

Wild thyme incensed the air with   seductive smells

An offering to the skies born out of rituals and spells

I descended down the rocky hills as faithful as a pilgrim

Mindfully securing my feet in a slow apologizing pace

The rocks were in slumber, entranced by the moving shadows

Silently I walked into the secrets of these enchanted meadows

The mystic light played with the clouds for a while

Then lit up the sea with pools of incandescent gold

Dazzled I sat down on the edge of this weathering land

My disentangled heart floated away like shifting sand

I hope you liked it. If you did I wouldn’t mind if you share it along just to light up those unispiring Mondays 🙂

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  1. Walter

    It’s beautiful, mysterious and enchanting. A place I want to rest. 🙂

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