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This is a Guest Post by Jon Rhodes

The way people react in a moment of crisis is generally a good measure of their character.  It is easy to be calm and efficient when there is no pressure on, but not so easy when the cauldron is bubbling.  The really useful and successful people in life are those that can rise to the occasion and get the best out of themselves in those moments of pressure.

If you want to achieve great things in your life then you have to able to cope with pressure.  Many people fail to get the best out of themselves simply because they run away when the going gets tough, rather than facing up to the demands and battling through them.

I can show you a simple visualization technique that you can use in stressful moments, which combines hypnotic and meditation techniques for a really powerful result.  It is an enjoyable visualization technique that sets you up with a trigger word so that you can quickly relax in any given situation, by simply saying to yourself your word.  Before you begin, make sure you won’t be disturbed for about half an hour, and get yourself comfortable.

1.  Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths and say to yourself the word ‘relax’ on each out breath.

2.  Imagine yourself strolling past a calm lake as vividly as you can.

3.  Use as many sense as you can. Listen to the trickling of the water. Smell the flowers and trees. Feel the breeze gently    caressing your face.

4. When you are feeling nice and relaxed tell yourself that in any situation, at any time, when you say to yourself the word ‘relax’ your mind will return to this tranquil lake, feeling the same deeply calm state of relaxation as you do now.

5. Spend some more time around your lake if you wish, and gently wake yourself up at a time of your choosing.

Although this is so simple, it is an incredibly powerful technique.  It literally installs the trigger word ‘relax’ into your subconscious mind, and associates it with your imagined relaxing experience.  After doing this visualization, when you say to yourself the word ‘relax’, your mind will be transported back to how relaxed you felt when imagining the lake.  It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you are doing, when you say to yourself the word ‘relax’, your mind will associate it with the relaxing experience of the lake, and will transport your mind back there.

Another great thing about this technique is that it gets stronger and more effective the more you use it.  The more you say to yourself the word ‘relax’ in every day situations to calm yourself down, the more ingrained this becomes in your mind.

So once you have completed the above exercise, practice using your keyword ‘relax’ in every day situations, and allow it to grow strong.  Very soon you will be able to feel so very calm and comfortable in situations that used to cause you stress and panic.  This will enable you to be one of those calm and cool individuals who never seem to get ruffled by pressures, and that raise their game when the heat is on.  You will no longer avoid situations you deep down know you should face, because fear will no longer prevent you from doing so.  Now you can stride confidently forward and meet all the challenges that lay ahead for you in the pursuit of your goals.  You are free!

Jon Rhodes is a former musician and mental health professional.  Several years ago he decided to use his unique experiences and train to become a clinical hypnotherapist, in order to provide his own unique brand of hypnotherapy.  Jon literally treats hundreds of people every day with his distinct and powerful therapeutic audio sessions.  Please click here for more information on his powerful hypnosis audio sessions.

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  1. Weight Losing Plan

    I really enjoyed reading what you said. You had some very interesting points. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see what else you have to say in the future.

  2. Inya Kawin

    Thanks a lot for the tips. I will definitely try.

  3. Raul Vermeesch

    I used to help a blog like yours, unfortunately I stopped doing it… Definitely keep up the good work, you’re a great writer…

  4. Jon Rhodes

    That’s a good idea, your students should benefit from this technique. A calm mind definitely seems to help recall of information and concentration. In fact I have produced 2 audio sessions for these things that are freely available. These might also benefit your students. Here’s the links…
    .-= Jon Rhodes´s last blog ..Weight Loss Hypnosis Video =-.

  5. Jon Rhodes

    Your welcome Donald – just make sure you read those 5 steps a few times so that you can easily remember them when doing the visualisation exercise. Then practice using the trigger word in small situations to start with, such as waiting in a queue. Please let us all know how it went.
    .-= Jon Rhodes´s last blog ..Weight Loss Hypnosis Video =-.

  6. Donald Perkins

    Thanks for that – I’ll give it a go now!

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