Photo by Visualtricks
Photo by Visualtricks

Have you ever  wondered why your life didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it to be?

I have been there a couple of times myself.  One straightforward answer is that things don’t always turn out the way we expect them and that’s perfectly understandable. It stands up to us to adapt to those circumstances we don’t have full control of or accept them and let go of them to continue with our lives.

There are other moments however where we don’t quite take this down very well and peacefully. The idea that our paths have turned away from the life we once imagined haunts our heads from time to time. This can stir up and bubble a lot of feelings of regret, bitterness and resentment which can takes its toll on us over time.

We end up blaming many things inappropriately and at no benefit or consolation. We think that it’s our fault, or somebody else’s fault. We think that the world has turned against us or is conspiring against us. We thing that fate has given us its cold shoulder and let us brawl along against a set of unfavorable circumstances. (more…)

10 Mistakes that hold you from creating the Life you want

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GratitudeHave you ever been grateful about something small or big that happened unexpectedly but has made a difference to your day, your mood or your life in general?

Go back to it with your mind and remember how it feels. How would you define it?  For me it’s a warm comforting feeling of love, reward, appreciation and happiness. You know those moments in our lives where we count our blessings and feel happy to be in the knowledge that life has been kind and good to us no matter how small or large that blessing was.

Just the awareness and recognition of it confers a moment of serenity and pleasure that brightens up our day and enlivens our souls.  It is like a brief opening in our hearts where for a moment we stop and peep outside of ourselves and realize that life is abundantly blissful and generous but we often obscure this fact with our everyday hectic routines, by giving more attention to negative thoughts and by being too sucked by our needs and wanting. (more…)

The Power of Gratitude (and why it always works wonders)

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Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” Aristotle

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Every living being in this world seeks happiness whether s/he is aware of it or not.  It is the meaning and purpose of life as Aristotle had noted.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I hear you say. Yet is it really that obvious I dare ask again?

If it were that obvious why aren’t billion of dollars being spent in researching the ‘Science of Happiness’? Why aren’t political systems based on the pursuit, achievement and safeguarding of Happiness? Why aren’t there too many religions that instead of attaching themselves to Dogma and authority reorient their beliefs on the basic Human need of Happiness? Why isn’t Happiness a shared point of reference between political, ideological and International transactions?

Something is not that obviously straight forward to me. (more…)

A Note on Happiness

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Photo by Rosh PR
Photo by Rosh PR

We are brought up to conceive of freedom and responsibility as being two mutually exclusive concepts. In our mind they can’t quite sit happily side by side within the same sentence, let alone having one logically entailing the other.

Yet as many other notions taken for granted in life, it is just another preconception to be broken. In this article, I would like to talk about how I see them as compatible and inseparable.

What Responsibility and Freedom are not

Let’s be honest, we always think of responsibility as an undesirable civic and moral obligation that we have to take in order to be good citizens, friends, parents, employees, students, leaders, whatever. Responsibility is like an extra burden or weight that is laid on our shoulder and even though we may be proud and honored by taking that responsibility we still sometimes feel that it requires effort, discipline, will, courage and most of all, lack of our own personal freedom.

In fact we see responsibility as taking away from us that ‘freedom’ of thought or being that so much characterizes youth. We see responsibility as coming down on us as we grow older and our days when we were young, mindless and ‘free’ turns into a whole world of restrictions, obligations, consequences, protocol and limitations. It’s like responsibility is actually inversely proportional to ‘freedom’. (more…)

Be Free, Take Responsibility

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goals22Knowing what I wanted in life had always been terribly hard for me. Of all the things that I always felt were not clicking in the right cog in my life, the lack of a clear mission faithfully accompanied by a complete absence of goal-setting skills, has always been the thing that irritated me most.

However, one thing I learned later on was that not having a clearly defined route plan, or rather not having a route in the first place, was not so much about lack of clarity or direction but had more to do about conflicting interests, unordered priorities and a lack of a simplified goal structure. Let me explain. (more…)

Putting Life Purpose in Sharper Focus: How I re-aligned Goals to my Mission

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Mindfulness MeditationThere is a lot of literature to read about the subject of Meditation, its spiritual and practical aspects or the different ways it is practiced throughout different traditions and for different ends. There are tonnes of information and I feel that I would be adding little value if I add more of what is already available and write articles about the subject per se.

I think it is more suitable in this context for me to write about Meditation through my own experiences and point of view on the subject. After all, there are no strict objective rules and know how on the matter. It is much more like a personal journey that one enters or walks along in his own particular path.

Of course there are general guidelines and valuable clues one has to pick up and learn. For example, one introductory book which I’d always suggest is ‘Meditation for Dummies’ – which I think the title betrays the fact that it is a very comprehensive and well written guide which has lots of valuable information for both beginners and even seasoned Meditators. Those of you who have read some of the ‘For Dummies’ series know that most of them have very good editorial quality.

There are also genuine and highly experienced teachers and Masters and it is always highly recommended to be guided by them.  I am not a student of any Meditation teacher. I have chosen to go out for the path on my own. It’s not that I disagree or dislike the idea, it’s just the way I set it out to be. This is my account of it. (more…)

Mindfulness Meditation: My Path

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Music for the SoulI always wondered about the deep connection between humans and music. The origin of music is unknown or at least we only have a very vague idea as to how far its stretches back in time, mainly through the findings of rudimental bone-made musical instruments found in early cave dwellings.

It would also be interesting to know at which stage of the human evolutionary process the appreciation of music emerged. Although we know that other creatures such as higher mammals can respond positively to sounds and music, it is a distinctive mark in humans to really have an aesthetic affinity to it. This is mainly because of our higher and more complex cognitive makeup.

The brain being an intricate pattern-matching organ can recognize subtle sequences and variations in sound waves which are then consolidated and matched to a broader pattern or rhythm, eventually giving rise to that subjective feeling of aesthetic beauty, joy, elation or whatever emotion matches the musical style or our present mood. (more…)

Music for the Soul

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Confidence and self-esteem are not only personality plus points that influence our wellbeingSelf-Confidence and the way we interact with others but are two of the main ingredients for personal success.

I was once hearing a speech given by his holiness the Dalai Lama in an audio book entitled “A Path to Happiness”, where he confessed how he was dumbfounded to learn, in his first encounters with the west, that there are people who disapprove of themselves or are unhappy with themselves even to the point of self-hatred. He mentioned how up to that point in time self-hatred was something he had never heard of. There is no conceptual equivalence of self-hatred in Tibetan culture and language. So for him it was not only a foreign and alien concept but completely absent in his stock of experiences.

I remember that this had struck me as a very peculiar notion. It begged the question of how is it that we come to a point of not liking ourselves or become uncomfortable with ourselves. Surely this is not a natural thing to happen. There is no evolutionary purpose for it.

So why do we sometimes feel this way about ourselves?  Ok, perhaps self-hatred is an extreme example and as far as I know, or rather I hope, it’s not that common. However it comes in a myriad of forms as it goes down in scale. Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem are examples which in this case happen to be considerably common among us. (more…)

5 Steps to Boost Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

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