Seeds of LoveLove does not come to you and strike you inadvertently (although that is how we interpret it on certain occasions). It doesn’t come down like a thunderbolt and stun your heart. Love comes to you because you have prepared the right conditions for it to grow. You attract love into your life because you have placed the right signs to show it the way in.  This may all sound wishy-washy talk to you but the logic of it has strong roots in studies on the human mind and condition.

In this article I will discuss and put forward some simple but not commonly known potions to attract Love into your life.

Love as a fundamental Human need

When we think about Love we usually make our first association with romantic love. This is indeed one member of the same Kind, but Love in its entirety is much broader than that. We give and receive Love from and to our Children, our elders, our parents, our friends and loved ones and even from people who are strangers to us but share with us the very common fact of being Human. (more…)

Sowing the Seeds of Love

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