I had received a guest post request a couple of weeks ago by Matt Buonocore who introduced himself to me as working with “affirmation, quotes and poems of the divine nature”. I was instantly intrigued, not only because this was the first time that I had received poems or affirmations as a guest-post submission but also because they synchronistically came at the right time when I was very much working on the ‘union of the heart and mind’ topic.

I read them quickly and they resonated immediately with me. “Brilliant!” I thought…the idea never occurred to me that you can elevate the heart by combining the beauty of poetry (plucking on the heart’s string) with affirmation (will/subconscious mind reprogramming) and divine nature (soul/spirit). This is possibly a really powerful tool to align the heart and mind together, which according to so many ancient esoteric text and traditions is not only the key to happiness but to creating your whole reality.

Here they go….enjoy:



You are the Guru of your life,
you are the one that manifests
every aspect of your life.
You have come to resurface,
you have come to serve God.
Let your life be your service,
let the divine be your guide.
Let your heart be encompassed,
let God’s love now reside.



I can bring light to the darkest corners of my mind,
I can release any trauma that I find.
I am the observer to every feeling and thought,
I can surrender what I believed to be true.
I can surmount any obstacle in my path,
every day is a lesson in surrendering to God.


Believe in Love

I believe in love,
above all else,
believe in love.
You can take nothing else with you,
as nothing can be held.
Do what you love,
and use love as a compass.
Let love guide you,
and let it inside you.
But most importantly,
let it define you.


Big Bang

I am grounded in my being,
I have the courage to pursue my dreams.
I am brave beyond belief,
I am the spark that ignites the flame.
I am in a constantly expanding state,
I create my universe just like the Big Bang.


Love Transfusion

Sometimes I live in the grey,
unable to decide if everything’s alright.
My mind knows what the past looks like,
I can’t look back, I know inside.
I feel called to the great ocean,
I feel small when my fear’s forgiven.
I don’t know how, but somehow I’m living.
In every word, I find my heaven.
In every line, I know my mission.
No need for signs or new decisions,
I’m at the gate where god can listen.
I’ll be the spark to ignite and christen,
I’ll be the pump for heart transfusions.
I won’t look back, I know my mission,
I’ve come to rise and free each person.


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