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Being perfect is something you will never achieve. Not because you can’t but because it doesn’t exist. Perfection is just a lie and us being human beings we crave it. We want to look ideal to everyone so that they won’t have anything against us. So that we wouldn’t be judged by our flaws and imperfections. But that is where we are wrong. People will have so many things to say even if we are a brilliant model of awesomeness. They will still find flaws in our perfect little selves to criticise and with us being scared, we let their judgments take power over us. So what is left for you to do in that case? The answer is simple, yet powerful – Just embrace your flaws and live your life to the fullest.

But you may ask how would you do that? How could you look past all your body image issues , for instance, and all your “imperfections” and just be happy and ride along with it?

There are many steps and stages to this process. Some of them may be very hard for you particularly when overcoming the initial resistances, doubts and habits. But you only have to be strong and your ‘flaws’ (or rather your misperception of them) one small step at a time.

Love Your Flaws And Change Your Ways:

You have to learn how to love yourself first and foremost – Flaws and all. But don’t forget to decide first if the flaws that trouble you are somethings that can actually misperceptions or actual patterns that need to be corrected or improved. Such as bad temper or impatience or negative thinking. Stuff like that should be changed because they are hurting you more than you know it.

Change those despicable flaws for yourself. To become a better person.

But if your perceived flaws are something like chubby cheeks or a birthmark or being overly nice or something that makes you feel uncomfortable because you think that PEOPLE don’t like that, then you need to first take the commitment to embrace your flaws as a life strategy. This is actually empowering yourself. Whether they are physical or psychological imperfections, acceptance is the kindest yet strongest turning point to personal growth and self-empowerment that you can achieve.

Also keep in mind that being ‘flawed’ with little imperfections doesn’t make you worthless or a nobody. It is actually what defines you and makes you special, unique and human. So just take the courage to embrace your flaws and go on with your life. Just see what power this little internal shift brings out in you!

Accept That Self Image Isn’t Public Image:

Your outlook on your flaws is much like the vision you have on an object from the side mirror of your car. It’s closer than it appears.

When you obsess over certain flaws you give them much more power than they really ought to have. You let them define what you can and can’t do – in short setting limits in your life and personal growth.

Being someone who has Albinism doesn’t mean you can’t be an astronaut or a doctor or an actor or whatever you dream of becoming.

Being a ‘flawed’ person doesn’t have to mean giving up your dreams because “it is not normal for someone who has depression to be the CEO of a big company” or some other excuse or belief.

But you have to invest in the self-confidence and belief that it can make you one Hell of a CEO. People will see your ‘flaws’ as a statement of uniqueness, character and identity. Some others won’t even notice them at all and just see your strengths, talent and grace.

You’re Better Flawed Than Flawless:

Embrace your flaws and learn to live with them – meaning accept and love yourself. Reframe them and try to see how they benefit you and make you who you are. It may be hard at the start but with some time you’ll get there.

Forget the idea of perfection while leaving the fear of judgment behind and you’ll be more than welcoming towards your flaws. Just remember to let go and trust that everything will be fine.

If you need a little booster and a shot of encouragement, you might want to focus on one of your beautiful traits and strengths. Maybe you’re a patient person or a hardworking one and so on.

Use the perception of those traits and strengths to overcome your flaws. Learn that your past successes were achieved because of WHO you are and you reached them WITH your flaws.

In conclusion, you are a perfect the way you are regardless of your flaws. You have to keep in mind that being flawed makes you human and no matter how bad you think they are, ultimately they make you who you are.


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