When these words of wisdom were told to me I was still a young man. The real depth behind their meaning was not apparent to me yet. Their wisdom was concealed by my unripe age. Not that they are cryptic or anything but rather because it’s one of those sayings which unfolds and reveals itself to you as your experiences in life grow and mature.

There are three fundamental notions that the saying points at:

1. Authenticity

2. Trust

3. Manifesting your destiny or Life’s Purpose

The lesson is simple as much it is abysmally deep: When you learn to discover your authentic self amongst socially constructed preconceptions, distorted self-images and learn to trust the natural pulse of your heart’s true desires then you will manifest them in your life. You will manifest your life’s purpose

Finding your Authenticity

The quest for authenticity, self-discovery, soul-searching, or call it what you like, is one of those things that has always been a popular note on anyone’s life diary.

But what is really meant by authenticity or self-discovery?

Many people who either have succeeded in their path to self-discovery or otherwise would all agree on one thing – that the authentic self is not something that is found along the path as one backpacks around the world, breaks through his normal parameters of existence, searches through every monastery or whore house in the world, capsizes his life’s agenda or anything that sounds bizarre and abnormal as possibly can. Finding your authentic self is not done through adding or doing anything extravagant to your life. Actually, it’s not achieved by adding anything at all but on the contrary by stripping off what you already have – the blinkers and veils that skew one’s perspective on life.

We live most of our lives contending to the fact that we are what we are – what Mother Nature made us, how our genes determined us or how our past experiences have formed us. This deterministic worldview instead of inspiring us to go beyond our limitations and explore our inner world with open eyes holds us tightly firm into one position of thought and action. We think that we are what we are and so we cannot change. According to this view we are nothing more than our life-story, all our thoughts and experiences put together in a concept we call the ‘I’. This is a self-defeating start which will take us nowhere far. It’s the first stumbling block towards self-discovery.

Another firm conviction is that life is limited and scarce in resources and not abundant. We believe that what others gain is taken from ours.

More importantly, it makes us believe that we are separate and special from the rest and that others’ successes are a threat to us. We fall into a self-centered orientation which makes us lose perspective on life and especially of ourselves. It cuts us off from the source of abundance, life and the universe. It disconnects us from the network.

We are all connected to the same network and to the same source of limitless abundance which is life itself. Life is interdependent and if we think in a self-centered way, we are disconnecting ourselves from it and also from ourselves. This limited way of thinking also distorts our own image. We can’t see clearly who we are and what we want if our vision is obscured by a self-defeating and self-centered vision of life.

Building Trust

Once we can shift our perspective by understanding our authentic selves as part of a greater network of interdependent consciousnesses, we can more easily let go of the notion of self as being a powerless independent entity struggling for limited shared resources.

The more we change that the more we are able to trust in ourselves and in others. Things become easier since we are able to respond adequately and within perspective. As Stephen Covey would put it, we become response-able or responsible. Being responsible means, amongst other things, being able to be in charge of your life and destiny. It means listening to your heart’s calling without being sucked into negative patterns of thought and conditioning. It means trusting your heart’s true messages and not the short-sighted call of the ego.

It means being a healthy node in the network of life.

Manifesting your destiny

The natural consequent to listening to and trusting your heart is the true manifestation of your life’s dreams and goals. This always sounded as something extremely big to me, and by all means it is. What excites me though is the prospect that it is possible and within any human being’s reach.

Many enlightened people along history have made reference to this basic truth in many different forms. A recent and very popular comeback to the idea which took the self-development bookshelves by storm was renamed ‘The secret” or “The Law of Attraction”. This is very much referring to the same principle.

We all have within us the power to manifest our destiny but as we grow up in this world that capacity is blocked or obscured by our conditioning into limiting beliefs and distorted visions of ourselves. It’s rendered ineffective by the self-centered and short-sighted whims of our egos.

When people learn to transcend beyond their limitations, or to make reference to a Hollywood all time favorite, escape the Matrix, they are no longer held back into the parameters of the socially constructed illusion and mediocrity. They become co-creators of their life and destiny. They become self-realized beings with the potential of shaping their future instead of just reacting to it.

Wake up to your Life

This all sounds very good talk but I’m sure most of you are asking – how can something sounding so esoteric and transcendental have any proximity to my everyday mundane life?

Well the straight answer is that it has so much more than we dare think.

Here are a few things that I do and follow as a regular practice to manifesting my destiny (I started this a few days ago so I will keep you posted as I go along):

  • Contemplate frequently on the fact that life is interdependent and connected. This helps entrench the perspective that I am not isolated but part of a holistic universe.
  • I try to be conscious about the extent of my responsibility on the things I do and everyday occurrences. This has been a recent life-changer for me. I have started to grow from a ‘passive slacker’ attitude to a more proactive and self-disciplined attitude to life. This comes out from the realization that I am a proactive agent in the cause and effect cycle of my life.
  • Contemplate on the fact that life and the universe is infinitely abundant. I try to break free from the limited belief that life is limited and resources are scarce.
  • Believe more in the fact that I am not what my past has made me. This is a self-incurred limitation. I try to believe more in the fact that my positive actions today will bring forth positive results tomorrow. I can break through the threshold of self-imposed limitations.
  • Be more positive. This has been another life-changer for me. Accentuate the positive vibes and good moments while attenuating the not so good ones.
  • Try to listen more to my heart’s true desires. This was somehow a bit harder for me to come by since one has to considerably slow down for this. One has to peel off the non-essential needs and goals (counter-intuitively even the so much needed immediate financial needs!) and listen to the more long-term and soul enriching needs of the heart. This has to do a lot with authenticity as explained above.
  • Think vividly and visualize my goals.
  • Expect them to happen because I am now starting to become more and more connected to the source of abundance and my heart is starting to unlock from useless and false expectations.

When your heart is open, then life can flow through it. Life will follow it and destiny will be naturally manifested.

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