By Daniel Roquéo, Contributor

The human ego is a real trickster. Successfully convincing us that there is value in holding on to past experiences, repeating them and reliving them over and over and over again.

Oftentimes human individuals hold grudges, cling to resentment and animosity because of something that was done to them in past moments. And they do so with the belief that they, in some miraculous way will inflict pain and suffering upon the individual who did whatever they did. This of course is not true. The truth is that the only thing this serves, is to create an unhealthy condition within ourselves. A condition for disease. A condition that weakens the immune system and speeds up the ageing process, blocking peace and Love, health and wholeness from flowing fully and freely through us.

Which is why we want to forgive, and forgive and forgive. And we want to do it lovingly, compassionately and gratefully.

Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other individual. It is not about letting them off the hook or condoning whatever it was they did. Nor is forgiveness a sign of weakness or softness. Quite the opposite. Forgiveness is a true sign of strength, courage and spiritual maturity. As we, as awakening individuals, move along the path of unfolding, we eventually bump into the realisation as to why we are here. That we are here to grow, to unfold and to expand. That we are here to allow the Love & Light of God, the Love & Light that inherently is within each of us; that in Truth is who and what we are, to flow through us. Fully and freely.

Which ultimately mean that we have come here to learn to Love and be loving and kind and compassionate, regardless of what another being is doing or not doing. We don’t have to like everybody, but we do have to Love them. Because Love is what God is. Because Love is what we are at the very core of our being.

And so, forgiveness is never about the other individuals, but all about our own peace of mind. It is an act of Self Love as we through the process of forgiving release ourselves from victimhood and the toxic chemicals that is produced from the perception of being a victim.

Forgiveness of course begins with being willing to forgive the other. The next step is to realize that whatever they did, they did so only because that was the best the knew how to do in that moment. In other words we need not ever take it personal, it was merely the ego within them doing what the ego does. This is compassion, to understand that the other did what they did because they lacked a higher or wider understanding.

Thirdly as we move deeper into the forgiveness-process we remind ourselves that they have no power to make us think or feel anything unless we give them that power. And so we take the power back, giving ourselves permission to walk in Love & Light regardless of what they did or did not do. We are all free beings. God has given each of us domain over our own minds. We have all received the gift of independent thinking allowing us to think about what we think about and to think about whatever we choose to think about in any given moment.

And we, of course, always need to remember that it is never what another individuals has done or not done that gives rise to negativity within us – but always our thoughts and perceptions about their actions. And so, through the loving act of Forgiveness we learn to take full responsibility for ourselves and our mental and emotional content.

Lastly, we pray for them, for their continuous growth in Love & Light, for their well being. We wish them well – no strings attached. We remind ourselves that they too are on a journey of the soul and so we wish for them all the good that we wish for ourselves. Peace, health, harmony, joy, love, prosperity, abundance and so fort. And if we want to take the advanced class in forgiveness; we may even anonymously do something for them.

As we go through this process of forgiveness, we always want to remember that it is not primarily for the other individuals sake but for our own peace of mind and well being. However as there ultimately is only one Divine Whole – we are doing this for all of Life. As the saying goes, high tide lifts all boats.


Daniel Roquéo, is the founder of The Love & Light Store (, a loving sanctuary for the awakening individual. Through The Love & Light Store I get to share and give my gift and my mission on this planet, to, through writing, move, touch, inspire and empower other awakening individuals to live, grow and unfold in Love & Light.

Daniel can be contacted at [email protected]com or on Facebook 

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