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Finding the best version of yourself is one of the fastest ways to achieve your highest level of personal satisfaction, however it can sometimes be difficult to find the space for it to grow roots and flourish. We spend so much time drawing mental comparisons to others – he’s got a better job, she has the perfect life, I’m a failure compared to my coworkers – that it’s easy to get down on yourself because of what you perceive to be imperfections. It’s easy to forget that for every person that you’re envious of, there’s likely an equal number of people who are envious of you.

These are the five most tried and tested tips that will help you bring out the best of yourself through wellbeing, balance and general happiness :

  1. Eat well: Filling your diet will healthy, wholesome, nutritious foods is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you keep yourself physically feeling your best. Diets that are laden with heavy, unhealthy foods leave people feeling drained and depressed, while eating a healthy diet keeps you feeling energized. Try to keep the majority of your diet as clean as possible. After just a few days you should see a noticeable shift for the better in how you feel.

  2. Get plenty of sleep:  People really undervalue the power that a good night’s sleep has on the body. Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain, feelings of sadness, and a lack of motivation, largely because you’re both mentally and physically too tired to deal with any of these things. By getting enough sleep every night you give your body a chance to recharge so that you’re ready to face the day.

  3. Stay organized: It’s hard to feel satisfied when you’re constantly dealing with feeling disorganized and harried. By keeping a running to-do list and calendar of upcoming activities and obligations you alleviate the stress of always feeling behind. This can ultimately do wonders for boosting your mood and lessening your stress levels.

  4. Exercise often: Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. That reason alone is a good one to start exercising, however the benefits don’t end there. You’ll also find that you’ll physically and mentally be more alert and energized, you’ll be much less stressed than before you started working out, and you’ll probably lose a few pounds in the process too! Who doesn’t want those kinds of benefits?

  5. Make time for friends and family: In today’s world of overworked people, it’s easy to let time spent with friends and family be one of the first things to slip off the priority list, however this time is crucial to your well-being. Spending time with people you care about gives you a chance to mentally decompress and enjoy life. Everyone needs that social interaction to maintain a level of happiness. If you aren’t enjoying life, then what’s the point?!

By eating well, getting plenty of sleep each night, staying organized, exercising often, and spending time with those you care about you’ll put yourself on the fast track to personal satisfaction. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do, so don’t let the stresses of life undermine that. As you do these things there will be a noticeable shift in your overall mood and your perception of yourself and you’ll find yourself responding to whatever life throws at you with more confidence and fervor. Don’t let the stresses of life get the best of you. Instead, take care of yourself, foster your self-confidence, and reach a rewarding level of personal satisfaction so that you get the best of life.


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