I have been meditating for some years but it hadn’t always been easy, smooth or anywhere near consistently good. In the first few years I was really doing it sporadically and to be quite honest I wasn’t taking it that seriously. Then something shifted my level of commitment. It was a part of my life were I was totally lost, burned out and totally confused and out of focus. Despite trying meditation more often, I still wasn’t taking it to the next level.

Then one day I had this incredible meditation session that came out of ‘nowhere’. It wasn’t anything like my previous meditations. I was in a full hour of total stillness up to a point where the whole experience ceased to be. I thought “Wow! This is amazing. This is how meditation should feel like”. I kind of clicked into it and that gave me a big motivational boost. From that day on I went on meditating more consistently and learning from my own mistakes and improvements. I also meditated with and followed some good seasoned meditators.

I have written about my own meditation experiences and tips on how to improve it before on Soul Hiker. So I am recommending a couple of resource links to follow if you are interested in starting or improving on meditation.

One last thing….if you were thinking of starting, I fully recommend it. Honestly, it is one of the greatest practices to hack your minds and body, improve your health, wellbeing and relationships. Here we go:

10 Ways to Improve Your Meditation – This was an article I had written quite a while ago but still as relevant as always. Practical, straight to the point tips in list form. It’s a short read but packed with some hints that can push your meditation forward.

Faster Deeper Bliss – This is a 21 Day Course with Tom Cronin. If you are starting on meditation, or feel like you are giving up on it and you need someone to guide you through, I highly recommend following Tom’s course. It’s a real journey into the world of meditation.

Mindfulness Hacks You can Try Anywhere – Another past article I am dusting off from Soul Hiker’s archives. Although not strictly about meditation practice, it covers how you can practice mindfulness outside of your meditation sessions.

Blessings <3

Gilbert Ross 

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