Heart Driven Success

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There are many factors that play a determining role in success. The most commonly identified are qualities such as passion, determination, perseverance, good planning, intuition and creativity amongst a few others.

It is to be said, however, that not all success comes from the heart or leads to happiness.

There is success which comes from taking smart decisions, hard work and perseverance together with a pinch of good luck. But this type of success does not necessarily lead to a happy fulfilled life. It might be the type of success that comes from striking the right six figure business deal or from having your name become big in your area of expertise.

This is obviously a great thing but does not necessarily entail what you really want deep inside.

Authenticity and inner purpose

Heart driven success is the ultimate form of success because it goes beyond limited beliefs about cause and effect, desire for money, fear and expectations and most of all, it is guided from the heart.

When you have stripped off the socially induced values of what is good, bad and ugly and listen more to what your heart is saying, you thrive towards your inner purpose. You would have found your authentic self.

Heart driven success comes from having your heart open to your life’s purpose without fear and limitations. It comes from the power of being conscious of your passion that drives you with enthusiasm and joy.

If you are in doubt, ask yourself: what drives you? What motivates you? What makes you work hard without getting tired and unsatisfied? If you had a guarantee of success in whatever venture you take, what would you do?

Aligning with your purpose in life

Heart driven success is powerful. There is a certain energy that flows through people when they are doing what they are passionate about. This comes from the fact that the person is aligned and in perfect sync with his purpose. When this happens, the energies of life flow through him freely without obstruction.

It’s like an unblocked pipe connected straight to the source. There are even some highly motivated and self-empowered people that would describe this energy as literally too powerful too handle at times. It feels as if it is filling every cell in their body and keeps them revved up as they produce work well beyond average quality and quantity.

Success beyond the self

Heart driven success means also, above other things, not to be limited and enslaved by narrow self-interest. It is not shallow. It’s free, unbounded, selfless and embraces broader interests than self-satisfying ones.

This is why some illustrious self-empowered people have given the world their creations and inventions for free.

They are already blessed by the greatness of following their life purpose with heart-driven success, so much so that monetary compensation falls way below that level of satisfaction.

A perfect example is the following TED talk from inventor Pranav Mistry,  who decided to give out his ingenious and mind blowing work on ‘sixth sense technology’ as open source knowledge. Utterly fantastic

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  1. Happiness is when thought and action are in harmony. This is my personal perspective of a heart driven success. When we are able to reach inner balance, we can tap on the unlimited energy within us. I believe this balance further complements what you mentioned, “This comes from the fact that the person is aligned and in perfect sync with his purpose.” One will be inspired when what he/she doing is inline with his/her purpose. The motivation that comes from within is the most powerful.
    .-= BK´s last blog ..Living Life Forward =-.

  2. That was a briliant piece of writing..
    In my views long term & permanent success is something related to our autonomic nervous system..if we try & perform our work with ANS it typicaly becoms permanent & long lasting without the feeling that we r working hard to achieve something..bt 99% of people jst connect it with their CNS & hence find work to sucess tiring & uphill..

  3. Hi Eduard,

    I totally agree. The practical problem seems to be that sometimes people are socially discouraged to find their true passion and therefore pushed away to other shores by society’s tides. The classical example is that of an artist who is led by society into believing that one cannot make a living out of art, so he is pushed into conforming to a ‘normal’ job. The world must start encouraging more its young people to find their true passion. Now that’s education!

  4. Hi Quinn,

    Yes indeed! Thanks for your comment 😉

  5. I often say that if a person does not show passion in pursuing a certain goal, that person will probably not enjoy very much achieving it. Thinking you want something is one thing, wanting it is another.


  6. Great thoughts. When we find our place in the world and align ourselves with our passions and values it allows us to find true success. Thanks for the reminder.
    .-= Quinn´s last blog ..Standing on the brink =-.

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