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The quest of finding happiness is possibly the only goal shared among all human beings – past, present or future. Who doesn’t want to find happiness in his or her life? It’s a silent goal nonetheless. We don’t mutter much about it and most of the time it lurks in the deep inner workings of our minds. Curious isn’t it?

I have written before about the odd fact that in the West we spend billions of research dollars & euros into treating mental illnesses with drugs but not much effort goes into understanding the science of happiness or mental well being. This fact alone compels me to write about the subject.

The title of this article is in itself revealing – “how to find happiness within yourself” suggests from the outset that you should look for happiness within yourself and that happiness is generally to be found within. This is also a very curious thing to me. Why are we always trying to find happiness in all kinds of places but hardly ever attempt to find happiness within?

Harry is 67. He lost his wife to cancer almost three years ago now. He saw his daughter pass through a marriage breakdown and divorce. He hardly gets to see his grandchildren because his daughter moved to another city after her divorce. He misses the fishing trips with his brother Joe who also passed away recently. He is relating less and less to a changing hostile world where he is constantly reminded he is an unwanted burden.

Yet there is one major twist to the story. Harry is happy…radiantly happy. How can this happen? I mean if there are people who have passed through all sorts of heartbreaking episodes and hardships but are happy…what’s their story? Conversely if there are people (and lots of them) who have acquired all sorts of merit, possessions and good fortune yet are deeply unhappy…what does this say about finding happiness?


Finding happiness by losing old mental models:


In his interesting talk, Srikumar Rao tells us how one major flaw in the way we live our lives is that we have learnt how to be unhappy rather than how to be happy. We have built certain mental models of our reality and these limit us or lead us astray from finding real happiness. Naturally this leads us to the understanding that finding happiness requires us to unlearn certain things and look for it in different pathways. It requires us to look into flaws in our belief system and change them.

One of these mental models we adopt is the belief that we need to reach a certain goal or outcome to be happy..the so-called ‘if-then model’ (if this happens then I will be happy). For example that we should get a better income, financial freedom, recognition of our work, sexier bodies, satisfying relationships and so on. It’s always something round the corner which needs to happen first before we reach happiness.

I know you have many times got to the realization yourself that it just doesn’t work that way. Once you reach that corner there is always another corner to reach. Happiness is not found in anything outside ourselves. We already have all the material at hand to be happy. It’s a matter of shifting our perspective and beliefs completely.


Some mental models to take note of and debunk:


  • Happiness is pleasure: No. Pleasure is instant gratification – physical or mental. Happiness is knowing that you are where you should be or accepting that you are not and doing your best while you’re there.
  • Happiness is comfort or security: We live most of our lives in constant security threats – our jobs, our children out at night, our health, etc. The truth is that security or lack of it is based on perception. Happiness is living well in a very unstable world.
  • I don’t deserve happiness: yeah says who? Another human quirk – self-inflicted limitation. Happiness is for everyone, wherever you come from, whatever you did and no matter what’s your idea. Happiness is open-source. Read this article about How to be Kind to Yourself
  • It’s impossible to find happiness in this world: another example of self-limiting beliefs. Wrong. Happiness is as possible to find as unhappiness.
  • People who reached their goals are invariably happy: again..says who? People who reached their goals are not happy because they reached their goals. On the contrary some are eternally dissatisfied and keep on seeking other goals in life – a real source of unhappiness. But yes some people found happiness while reaching those goals since they were living their true purpose and enjoying every moment of it. Their eyes was on the doing and not on the reaching.


Finding inner happiness through finding inner peace



So many stories around us, like that of Harry, seem to point at the overlooked obvious – that you will only find happiness within yourself. Well that’s very good news since you don’t need to look far away to find happiness – like for example running after expensive, energy-consuming and ultimately unsatisfying goals. It’s there right within you. As scientist/Zen Buddhist Jon Kabat-Zinn perfectly immortalized in one of his book titles: “Wherever you go, there you are

When life rocks your boat to the point of wrecking it or when the proverbial crap hits the ceiling fan you will reach a y-point which will either make you or break you. So many people like Harry managed to find happiness & inner peace through the most turbulent and upsetting moments of their lives by making use of their internal resources…by finding happiness within rather than in external points of reference.

The key to happiness, or in other words that of finding true inner happiness, is by finding your inner peace (article) – that center of calm inner knowing which is the real source of your being rather than those mental projections or models imposed by your social background.

There are many pathways to find your inner peace but before I start sounding too metaphysical I’d reckon that the greatest and shortest path is that of acceptance. Let go of your expectations, inner struggle and frustrations when things don’t turn out exactly the way you want them. Acceptance is an extremely powerful tool to finding inner happiness. It shouldn’t be confused with resignation or passiveness.

We often fail to understand the power of acceptance because it comes from the heart not the mind. Its power in fact comes from transcending the resistance and inner currents of the restless mind which is often the source of our anxieties, stress and inner conflict.

Acceptance is when we drop all our mental models (like the if then model), often in a moment of clarity or awareness where we become conscious that there is another life outside this madness…outside this huffing and puffing trying to acquire one goal after the other in the wrong belief that there is an ultimate goal post called happiness somewhere on the finishing line.

Ask yourself – how much of what’s going on in your life do you accept? Are you constantly feeling you should be at some other point in your life? Or do you somehow feel at peace with all aspects of your life and make use of them with all their limitations?


Other pathways to inner peace:

  • Compassion: Some people admirably manage to find the time and energy to help other even when they are facing rough seas themselves. Even though this comes out from an act of compassion and selflessness, it is also a doorway to their own inner peace. In fact although it seems quite hard to do in moments when we are down and out, giving attention to others’ needs is a way of getting ‘out of your head’ which, ironic as it sounds, is a fast remedy to unhappiness.
  • Seek support of others: Well it works both ways too. Helping others is a way to shift your centre of attention away from your ailments. However seeking any form of support from others is a way of finding reinforcement and encouragement and is highly recommendable.
  • Be grateful to everything around you: Because we so often forget of the little miracles happening around us on a daily basis. We only think about what’s missing instead of counting our blessings. Being thankful to life is not some wishy washy magical spell that washes away all your troubles. Rather it is an exercise in which you become aware of the positive and meaningful things happening in your life…a real booster.

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  1. Pradeep

    Great post, really good.
    It deals with all the important points such as happiness is already within you.
    I’ve written something along the same lines, I would love it if you took a look.
    Thank you once again.

  2. Nancy

    I’m the marketing assistant for Robert Scheinfeld, a NY Times bestselling author who just wrote a new book on how to be happy. It’s called “The Ultimate Key To Happiness.” It offers a v-e-r-y different approach to defining what happiness really is, and a very different step-by-step path to experience it all the time, no matter what’s going on around you. The Internet has gotten so complex. So many options. Can anyone here share ideas for how to get the word out there about this important new book? I’d love to hear your ideas. I’m sure there are tons of ideas I’ve never thought of before.

  3. Rolph

    This is an amazing post. I’m very grateful to have read it. 🙂 I’ve felt unhappy in the past and tried to tie happiness to a goal, but even after achieving the goal the happiness stayed away and now I know why.

    I was seeking it outside of myself, while it was already within! 🙂

  4. how to meditate

    In my case I feel happy when everyone around is happy. Being able to share that feeling is the best way to find my own happiness.

  5. I thought the article was short.:) But it was worth reading. I love your insights Gilbert!

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