Photo by China Guccio
Photo by China Guccio

I have been in China this week. This is definitely not my first time there. Every time I’ve been in China I always took something back with me – as an experience that is, or as a lesson.

In previous experiences I was impressed by perceptions such as human adaptability and ingenuity in highly competitive and dynamic environments, by greed and power, fragility and the dwarfing of the individual relative to the enormity of the place and the size of its population.

This time it has been a different insight altogether which is not so much tied to the place but to a more general perspective of things. I want to share them here with you because I am sure that most of them will resonate with some of your own experiences (which perhaps you might also want to share 🙂 ).

If things go out of plan, relax, reinvent and celebrate change

Quite a few things went out of plan in my last trip.  A long delay which made me lose my connection and a day out of my schedule was the main theme. Other unforeseen deviations and little bumps and hiccups were not uncommon either.

But all in all my attitude remained a positive and relaxed one. I had prepared myself mentally for this. I had told myself that a lot of unpredictable variables can get along the way but that’s OK. It’s part of what traveling is about. And it was.

It’s nice to observe the bitter sweetness of having your plan scrambled up due to one unforeseen circumstance. But then after you accept it and reinvent yourself, it all takes shape perfectly and you realize that one blunder brought you along a more interesting course that you would have missed if your plan went unaltered.

It is in those moments when you open yourself  to change and see an underlying force at work. You don’t deny it. You celebrate it.

Clarity of mind takes you where you want to go but clarity of heart tells you where you really want to go

I had a few goals to reach on my trip and I had trained my mind, through visualization, relaxation techniques and self-talk to get me there. And it did like a Swiss train. It is almost a reverent experience to touch the power of the human mind and its potential.

But then it struck me as almost such an obvious thing that I very often overlook, that it is always the heart that guides the mind. If the heart is not clear, the mind can perhaps succeed in claiming its prize – but the prize would have no value because it would be one which was picked up from someone else’s dream.

As a native American saying goes, all paths are the same but some of them have a heart – and trust me, that is where you want to go.

All Life forms are precious in the same way.  Only the information they convey makes them more special than others

This might be of little interest to some but it is something which has been boggling my mind from time to time. It was like two contradictory insights knocking on my head.

On the one hand, the acknowledgment and respect to all life in the same way. All life is precious and I am sure most of you would agree with me. On the other, I was not completely convinced about this till the end. At the same stretch I felt that there are some life forces which are more important and to be protected more than others but I could not conceive in which way this is so.

It then struck me in another intuition. First of all there are life forms which are not propagators of life but attenuators or destroyers of it. This may sound strange but all you have to do is think of some type of humans. That’s all I’ll say.

But then there are patterns of life in time and space which have the role of enhancing and propagating more life. They convey more information. They have relatively more importance in relation to their role in the whole network.

In other words, all patterns of life in isolation have the same value. It is their relation to the whole which sets them apart. They can either be blockers or connectors in the network of life, which would then enhance the flow of its information.

The latter have relatively more value.

Forget trying to figure it out. Enjoy the uncertainty

You cannot judge a nation by the people you meet, the food you eat or the places you see. But no one is asking you to judge. So shut up and interact with those people, eat that lovely food and go all those places.

Enjoy the experience and that’s that.

Sense of security is always false

Security lies in our perception and knowledge. We might perceive something as giving us security when it is not. Or you might feel safe because you don’t have knowledge of all things that can go wrong (thank God!).

But on the other hand you can be feeling completely out of your safety net in a place so remote that no one would flick an eye if you drop dead with a bang.

But all this might also be a misperception just because your subjective points of reference are missing.

Learn to be without that safety net and bare assed once in a while. It gives you an intimation of the real value of life.

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    “Every time I’ve been in China I always took something back with me – as an experience that is, or as a lesson.”

    I think this is what most people love about traveling. The growth experience. The people I know who have basically been all over the globe, they seem to have a certain wisdom and calmness, from seeing so many things and learning so many lessons.
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