Twitter_watercolorLife is in perfect balance & harmony. It is in dynamic balance or equilibrium, meaning that although it is in constant flux, with things coming and going out of existence, the net effect is total balance.

It is also in harmony because its different forms fit in and blend together. Observing nature you can see a lot of example of co-evolution and interdependence between life forms.

One life form depends on an opportunity or set of circumstances put forward by another at the right time and in the right amount.

Even violent burst of nature such as natural disasters are in harmony with the cause and effects of life seen through a larger timescale.

The Predicament of Modern Man

It is partly due to our nature and partly due to the hectic and chaotic environment we have created that we often fall out of balance and lose harmony within ourselves and with nature. This is the predicament of modern man. (more…)

Save the World: Live in Balance & Inner Harmony

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Photo by Matt and Kim Rudge

This is a Guest Post by Jon Rhodes

The way people react in a moment of crisis is generally a good measure of their character.  It is easy to be calm and efficient when there is no pressure on, but not so easy when the cauldron is bubbling.  The really useful and successful people in life are those that can rise to the occasion and get the best out of themselves in those moments of pressure.

If you want to achieve great things in your life then you have to able to cope with pressure.  Many people fail to get the best out of themselves simply because they run away when the going gets tough, rather than facing up to the demands and battling through them.

I can show you a simple visualization technique that you can use in stressful moments, which combines hypnotic and meditation techniques for a really powerful result.  It is an enjoyable visualization technique that sets you up with a trigger word so that you can quickly relax in any given situation, by simply saying to yourself your word.  Before you begin, make sure you won’t be disturbed for about half an hour, and get yourself comfortable. (more…)

A simple visualization technique to keep calm under pressure

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Have you ever been in a difficult moment where you needed to take an important and quick decision but didn’t have the answer there and then?  And did it ever happen to you that in such a situation you suddenly ‘hear’ an answer in your head out of nowhere that leads you out of your predicament? That’s your inner voice.

The inner voice is that subtle message that you sometimes pick up but feel is coming from somewhere different than your thoughts or the usual internal commentary in your head. It has a different tone and a different purpose.

Your inner voice can be your guide, your ally and your friend in need that speaks up in those moments when you really need an answer. Sometimes we have to take an action or a decision but the information we have is limited. Your inner voice serves as a priceless feedback.

Your inner voice helps you take wiser decisions and it keeps you in perspective by guiding you in the right direction and giving you information in the form of hints which you would otherwise have missed or overlooked.

How to find you inner voice:

A common question that I’ve been asked when the subject of inner voice comes out is “So how can I find my inner voice?”

To be exact, we don’t find our inner voice but our inner voice finds us. What we can do to facilitate this is to open up and tune our ‘internal antenna’. I’ve noticed that although some people like myself have always found it very natural to be inward looking and sensitive to subtle things, most people are more externally driven, so listening to their inner voice could be a possibility that they never opened themselves to.

If you are such a person you need to start forming some habits that help you redirect your awareness inwardly – to your feelings, ideas, energies, motivation, etc.  Here are a few things to do: (more…)

How to find and recognize your inner voice

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Since I started practising meditation, I have been trying out different things – little changes here and there – that although may sound small and petty, they have improved my meditation significantly and consistently.

I have written this article especially for people who have started doing meditation, take the practice at heart and are keen on improving it and taking it to the next level.

Does this describe your present situation? Have you started enjoying and feeling the benefits of meditation but would eagerly try out a few simple tips to significantly improve it?

Learning how to meditate takes a lot of time and patience in the beginning. It’s a slow and gradual progress because we have to learn new things that our mind and body are not accustomed to and unlearn old habits that we have been conditioned to for many years.

Yet there are ways to make this learning process more efficient and effective. (more…)

10 ways to improve your meditation significantly

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Confidence and self-esteem are not only personality plus points that influence our wellbeingSelf-Confidence and the way we interact with others but are two of the main ingredients for personal success.

I was once hearing a speech given by his holiness the Dalai Lama in an audio book entitled “A Path to Happiness”, where he confessed how he was dumbfounded to learn, in his first encounters with the west, that there are people who disapprove of themselves or are unhappy with themselves even to the point of self-hatred. He mentioned how up to that point in time self-hatred was something he had never heard of. There is no conceptual equivalence of self-hatred in Tibetan culture and language. So for him it was not only a foreign and alien concept but completely absent in his stock of experiences.

I remember that this had struck me as a very peculiar notion. It begged the question of how is it that we come to a point of not liking ourselves or become uncomfortable with ourselves. Surely this is not a natural thing to happen. There is no evolutionary purpose for it.

So why do we sometimes feel this way about ourselves?  Ok, perhaps self-hatred is an extreme example and as far as I know, or rather I hope, it’s not that common. However it comes in a myriad of forms as it goes down in scale. Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem are examples which in this case happen to be considerably common among us. (more…)

5 Steps to Boost Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

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