Over the recent weeks I have been trying to find that space of extra free time to put together and jot down a list of those things that are quite simple in themselves, take very little time to carry out, yet are exemplary tiny differences that ultimately create an effect far greater than their humble size or appearance.  

At some point late at night yesterday, I got a pen and paper and quickly scribbled the list down with a note to write up this short article as soon as I woke up. So here it is and without further ado, I am going to jump straight into the points. 

  1. Take that small but powerful conscious decision to be in charge of your life 

We carry out thousands if not millions of unconscious decisions everyday. Conscious decisions are extremely rare but powerful when you think about it. The conscious decision to be more in charge of your life, rather than be completely run by your automatic unconscious programs, is the most powerful conscious decision of all. Stating it honestly to yourself every morning when you wake up is going to set your day and the rest of your life for big growth and change. Nothing to lose for trying it out right?

  1. Take a moment to be in love with yourself and your life 

If taking the conscious decision to take hold of the wheel is king, then Self-love is her majesty the queen hands down. Moreover, together they make for a divine marriage made in heaven. Self-love is very, very powerful and it’s not that hard despite being unnatural to most of us since we were heavily programmed against the idea itself. It might take a little practice for many since like any subconscious reprogramming it requires repetition – you basically have to overwrite other programs that have been reinforced repeatedly thousands of times. Yet still it only needs a little honest commitment, to do it for a few minutes daily and just bathe in the feeling. In a few days, you can start noticing your inner and outer life shifting in the most beautiful and unexpected ways possible. 

  1. Have the expectation to be inspired or surprised about something 

Living your greatness, requires among other things, to allow yourself to be driven by what inspires you rather than the automatic hard wired fear-based subconscious programs that make us resist change and attempt to blindly keep us in our comfort zone or status quo while running away from uncertainty. Furthermore, it requires us to accept and be OK with moving and growing through what our analytical mind considers as the ‘unknown’. 

Yet this is where great things happen – the inspiration and trust to navigate through the unknown. To elevate this to even higher levels, we can consciously invite inspiration and our acceptance of the unknown everyday into our lives. Be open and ready for it. Ask for it. Take a deep breath in and say to yourself and the world ‘Come on, surprise me!’.  “Attitude”, as Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys has beautifully said, “is the first law of Magic.”

  1. Give yourself the chance and the space to do something you love 

As with taking the conscious choice to be in charge of your life more, the idea of allowing yourself to do something you love, even if for a brief moment, is like a bold statement that you don’t want to be controlled by your unconscious conditioning and programs any longer.  

That statement has lots of power in itself.Yet sometimes we do not know exactly what we want.  If you feel blocked or stuck, give yourself the chance to ask yourself honestly “what is it I would love to do today?” An honest question will always beget a sincere answer. It might not come immediately but it will definitely seep through your conscious mind at some point. Once you know the answer, please do know that all that life is asking from you is to go ahead and please yourself in doing what you love most. 

  1. Spend at lease a moment everyday to be focused on something 

We strive to live more genuine lives, whether intentionally or not, but we first need to overcome a big hurdle – the mind’s distractions. The mind needs to be stimulated all the time. It is our biggest addiction and hence why it is hard to just still the mind and be focused on something for a given moment. Just like all aspects of our mind and life we would like to have more say in, we need to put in practice and this is why, of all reasons, installing habits is so important. If sitting down in meditation for 20 minutes a day is not your thing, I would recommend at least to practice your focus by observing your thoughts for a while at a time or focus your thoughts on a particular thing for let’s say ten to twenty minutes in one stretch. 

6. Be free enough to run wild with your imagination for a little while 

Imagination is another extremely powerful tool we possess as humans. We can’t even start to fathom the power it holds and how to use it well. Everything we have created at some point started in the imagination. It is the stuff of genius, the heart of our greatest achievements, a super power I would say we all share, yet we shun it as a childish, impractical and unrealistic part of our mental life. It’s ironic to consider imagination as unrealistic when it is the basis that creates our reality in the first place. You dream and imagine things into being – only if we knew how to use it well. 

Like any other thing mentioned here, the most important way one can practice this powerful tool is by using it frequently and consciously – not unconsciously and in a distractful, self-sabotaging way. How would it feel like writing that book right now? Being with that special someone? Living an aspect of your dream life? 

7. Smile more. Be patient. Say more loving words to yourself and others 

Finally it is about expressing more loving kindness to both yourself and others. There are hundreds of ways of doing this of course, however simple is always best. Smile more even when there is no one around. It doesn’t involve any practice doesn’t it?  Be patient with yourself and situations. And last but not least say more loving words – again to both yourself and others around you.  Smiling, patience and loving words correspond to expressing kindness from the outside, the inside and the bridge between the two.

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