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Note from the Editor: This article is the first part of a series with the title “The Call of Unbound Freedom”. Please share on social media as much as possible and put your comments below. This will give me feedback on whether I should keep on going with the series. Consider it a voting system!

What is Freedom?

I know that you know what freedom is or supposed to be but do you remember what it is? This is the important question and perhaps the only question that needs to be asked in order to find freedom – to soar high and discover that you were, are and will always be free. Freedom is a given that you have not opened up to remember yet. I do not mean to start off by sounding cryptic, so please accept my apologies upfront if anything that is written in this series of articles might come across as shrouded in mystery or ‘esotericism’ because it is not meant to be anything like that. In any case, this perception is only, well, a perception. The goal of this series is to serve as a guide that does not talk to your mind in any explicit or purely factual way but it talks directly to your heart and to your soul.

[GARD align=”left”]What will come out from reading this text is not something that you will grasp by your mind’s constant attempts to classify, label, rationalise or analyse. Be sure that it will fail. Not because it will not understand what is written. In fact there are many things that your mind will grasp and that will certainly be very helpful in practical day to day life. But this is not the gem at the heart of it. The real treasure that will come is in triggering memories you have encoded within many layers of your being – from your DNA to your nervous system, bio-energetic field and subtle bodies, up to your soul and beyond. Don’t worry if you are not making any perfect sense of it now. It will resonate with you and flow through you shortly.

So what is this thing about freedom being not what you think it is but what you remember it is? In short, you have obscured the very basic truth that You Are Free with mental concepts and ideas of what freedom is and should be. You have covered an inner knowing and memory with layers of mental constructs about freedom being this or freedom being that. Most of all you have been made to believe that you are not free. Your concept or idea of freedom is always something which your mind latches on to as an ideal that you do not have now but might have one day. Freedom then for most humans, becomes a hope and not a real mode of being that can be tapped into right here, right now.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. What about that innocent person who has been imprisoned or held captive unjustly for many years? What is freedom for him? Is it not being out as a free man? What about the woman who saw immense suffering in her war-torn country and who had her children taken away from her and is living in utter poverty and misery? What is freedom for her? What can we say to all those people who have been broken, misguided, kidnapped, taken to hell and left there? Can we tell these people that their idea of freedom is only a misrepresented ideal and in fact they are free every single moment? I will tell you this – some of these people who have been through life experiences we cannot even fathom, know it already and you don’t need to tell them anything. Sometimes hardship and difficult life moments have ways to strip us naked from layers of pretensions, expectations and false beliefs and make us see ourselves as we really are. Of course, we don’t need to go through immense suffering to open our eyes. We can do it through our will to remember who we really are.


Let’s Get Real about Freedom

So what is real freedom? Is it just a matter of perspective or degrees? Or is it something we have forgotten its real meaning? Where do we find our freedom and how?

[GARD align=”right”]Real freedom is not a matter of degrees as in our mental conception of freedom. For example you might think that having more financial independence will give you a greater degree of freedom. Yes, this can be said when we understand freedom as freedom of movement and access. Our mental construct of freedom is very much tied to its physical representation of movement and of being unchained and unbound. So in that sense of seeing freedom you can say that in theory more financial wealth will give you the means to have more movement and freedom. Even more directly, if you had to be physically limited in movement for some reason or another, the only idea of freedom that runs through your head is to be physically free to move about. Ironically, the same thing would be said if you had to completely lack a body. People who have experienced out of body experiences of sorts will share with you the immense sense of freedom from not being tied to a physical body and having the ability to move anywhere with the sheer power of awareness. So once again we see that the idea of freedom that is linked to physical space and movement is a relative one and will always come in a matter of degrees. It can never be otherwise because space and movement are both relative. Hence once we tie the idea of freedom to space and movement we will get locked into a framework of thinking that is relativistic and subject to angle of view or perspective.

Is this the real sense of freedom? I’m afraid not although it can be partly associated to the real sense of freedom; but it is not freedom in itself. The real freedom has to do with creation and therefore creativity. You have the power to create your life and shape your destiny. In other words you are free to make a choice about what you want to create in your life – abundance, beauty, prosperity, love, frustration, fear or disenchantment. You are free to create whatever you want in whatever way you want. You are a creator – that is your real nature and your real purpose. So you have the great freedom to turn the negative into positive, to rearrange and shift a situation around, to build a new reality, to change your ideas and bring in fresh new life and energies into your life and those of others. You are a continuous channel of change and creativity.


Misguided Beliefs and Ideas

Yet this freedom is misperceived and misaligned to our beliefs and ideas. It is lacking. We lack the freedom, however, not because it is not there but because we can’t see it and therefore we can’t be inspired by it. We have parted away from this basic simple truth a long time ago. We have forgotten all about it and yet it is hanging there in perpetual suspension waiting for us to look at it, acknowledge it, breath it and make use of it. Through the eons, we have forgotten more and more about our real nature, about our great freedom. We have build many beliefs that run against this very basic truth. These beliefs have been influenced by our perception (or misperception) of the world, by the consensual reality of the society and culture we live in and by the false creations of our own mind. So these beliefs have burrowed deeper into our being. They became hardcoded into our genes, into our bodies, in our mental world and language which in turn creates the shared reality we experience with our fellow members of society.


Forgetfulness & Remembrance

Everyday we reconfirm our beliefs of scarcity, limitation and fatalism. These affirmations are hidden in our thinking, expressions and mode of speech. We chant them everyday! They are solidified by our fears which in turn creates more fear into a vicious circle. We keep on reminding ourselves that we are not free instead of stopping to remember that we really are. We are living the ultimate illusion, the greatest denial of all. The truth that we are free flies over our heads, runs beneath our feet, sideways and in parallel. It is everywhere yet we do not see the signs because we can only interpret the signs that we remember of. So where does all this take us? Are we forever trapped in a mass-scale amnesia, into a reality matrix that offers us no escape or way out? Or do we have a way out? Yes there is a way out and it is called remembrance.


To be continued in Part 2 of the series

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    Another beautiful edition and nearly always, coming at a most appropriate time. Just last week I was juggling ideas around on this very subject. Sincerely looking forward to the next part. Thanks Gilbert.

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