The Call of Unbound Freedom Part 2: Creativity & Experience


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Why Am I Free?

[GARD align=”left”]It’s funny how this is a question nobody asks! We are so used of asking “Why am I not Free?”. Change the question around and snap!, your mind flips for a second. You shake yourself out of the trance. At least for a while. Stop to think for a second – ask yourself the question. Now. Go through it gently. Look for internal signs like some felt sense of wonder, openness, space. “Why am I free?”. This is a question which presupposes the truth that you are free. Your waking consciousness is baffled into confusion for a second because it doesn’t make sense. This is when you have the chance to peep through past the piles and piles of beliefs and mental fortresses. It’s a direct call with your inner being. In that moment, in those seconds, you connect. Perhaps you realise what has been there all the while

I cannot say what you find there and what the answer may be but I can give you a general idea. You are free because You Are. This is something the mind cannot grasp because the mind always latches on to breaking down things into causes and effects. What if the cause and the effect are one? Bang, the software crashes. This is a paradox for the mind but for your deeper consciousness it is a simple resonating truth.

I’ll give you another pointer. You are free because you are a creator – this is your true nature. You are an inseparable part of the creative process of life. Religions and philosophies have always told us that there is a creator but that this creator is separate from us. If we dare think that we have the freedom and power to create, we are said to have hubris or a God complex. In reality there is nothing more humbling than realising the truth. It is humbling because to know the truth you have to knock down all the pretensions and false identities, your acting roles, your illusions. You break free from the tyranny of falsehood and you are at one with your real You. How can that not be modest, genuine and honest?

That is what seeing yourself as a creator is. Knowing this great sense of freedom, not from your ego’s false identities, but from your true inner being. Seeing and being your true nature is anything but narcissistic or hubris. It is a deep maturity that comes from transcending the narrow and self-focused interests of your egoic mind. The ego cannot know what real freedom is because real freedom means the exclusion of its existence. What the ego does is it implants other concepts and ideas of freedom and how freedom is something that you don’t have.

What does being a creator mean?

From a high perspective, being a creator means being open to the creative force of life and putting your conscious intention to direct this force somewhere. From a more earthly perspective, being a creator means having the freedom and power to create new things into being – from feelings and thoughts to intentions and their manifestation.

You create new opportunities, actualise dreams and ideas, put things in motion, you create ripples that change your destiny and those of others, you invent, you make possible what otherwise seemed impossible. You manifest your destiny into being, change your reality and most of all co-create the destiny of a new earth. Yes, you’ve read it right. I am not fluffing up words or dressing them posh. It is so.

[GARD align=”right”]This is of course what being a creator is in a very short summary. There is a confluence of so many aspects and so many overtones in meaning that the question would be a volume on its own. However the idea in all its beauty and brilliance is poetic in as much as it is down-to-earth real. It is there for everyone to experience and open up to. Now that I mentioned experience, this is another important concept intertwined with the idea of freedom and creation or creativity.

We know the world and ourselves through experience. It’s not through abstraction, logic or thinking, irrespective of how clear they are. Experience is fundamental to consciousness and to everything. The Universe, and everything within and beyond, is experiential. It’s an experiential engine. For you and I, experience drives our every thought, feeling, memory and imagination. It is primary and fundamental. If you never experience, you cannot think, abstract, imagine or make sense out of anything.

Experience Counts

So experience is the basis of everything. Like I mentioned before, you are free because you simply are, but you are because you experience otherwise you would only be a potential, a template. In short you are free because you experience, or to slice it from another angle, you are free to experience the reality you choose. Experience is not something that is given to you like an impression but it is what you make out of it.

This is evident in our language. We say “he is more experienced”, meaning that somebody has gained experience through interacting with life and making something out of it. He has created something. Experience is forever tied with consciousness and with creating because reality is constantly created through consciousness experiencing. Without going into metaphysics and against the dominant scientific paradigm that reality is separate from consciousness, I will break it down like this: “Freedom is the ability to create your own reality by choosing what to experience”.

How wonderful is that? You have the freedom to create your own reality by choosing what to experience! The higher the experience, meaning the more conscious intent and openness you put into your experience, the greater the creative gifts of shaping your reality will be and the more free you are as a creator. Which brings us to the last point – awareness.

Awareness arises out of putting our conscious attention to something. It can be active as well as passive. Active awareness is when we consciously focus our ‘inner lens’ onto something to make it sharper or more defined. ‘Passive awareness’ comes from the quieting of the mind, when we clear those things that block the view – the emotional debris, distorted perceptions, mind games and attachments. So in a sense it arises from sweeping away the mental junk that does not help you connect and remember something. The result of connecting and remembering something you already knew is then often referred to as inner awareness.


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  1. This article resonates with me fully – I hope others who are yet to realise the true nature of the person they call themselves, are able to find the relevance and truth in the words and this will help them on their way to Truth.

    My realisation came after a difficult life sitaution and eventually it was a matter of deduction. Directly after, the great Alan Watts helped put the feelings into words but this article would have been another confirmation that what I felt was the truth.

    Thanks again Gilbert. Beautifully written.

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