For many of you, Amish Shah needs very little introduction. I can probably go as far as saying that he is a present-day idol and an  inspiration as to how one can create an extraordinary life out of humble or ordinary beginnings. A relentless serial-entrepeneur and a self-made millionaire from a young age, Amish is an unstoppable fountain of creative ideas, driven by his own passion and visions. His talks, such as the one he gave at the Awesomeness Fest are always motivation boosters. I mean seriously, when I hear Amish talk, I always get this compulsion to get off my ass and continue working on what drives me and makes me excited! The man has some real serious fire going on in his belly.

Amish is not just a perfect example of how drive and motivation can lead you to the gravy train. There is definitely much more to him and he has some secrets to share with all of us. Deeply interested in metaphysics, ancient wisdom and modern Technology since a young boy, Amish has researched, practiced and distilled his own synthesis of various esoteric traditions into a practical guide he calls ‘Project Yourself’. He is now on a mission to spread the ‘ancient technology’ of Ayurveda to a wider audience through projects under his mother company Deep Origins.

I got to talk a little bit with Amish to find out more about this inspirational character and his work.

1. Amish, give us a little brief background about yourself – Your passion and entrepreneurial projects that you have spun over the years.

AMISH: Technology has always been at the center of everything I do. I made my millions a few years ago as a serial digital entrepreneur in fields like mobile, affiliate marketing and internet marketing. Got myself and my businesses on the Inc. 500 list twice, worked hard and partied harder before falling sick and nearly having my body give up on me.

That’s when I realized I needed a change; a new purpose.

Now I’ve consolidated all my assets into my company called Deep Origins. Our mission and passion is to revive and spread the 5,000-year-old ‘ancient technology’ known as Ayurveda to help people heal and awaken their highest personal and professional potential. This mission is very close to me, I actually grew up with Ayurveda and I’ve the incredible effect it has not just in healing, but in elevating us into more creative, intuitive, connected and conscious beings. So I truly believe that if we can get at least 10 million people practicing these ancient techniques, we’ll see a healing and consciousness revolution sweep across the planet.

2. You blended together entrepreneurship with your passion for ancient mysteries, metaphysics and other cool stuff. Can you mention some of these project/s?

AMISH: I’ve got a number of brands that cater to different aspects of ancient wisdom.

First there’s Ancient Explorers, which is a historical and archaeological movement that unearths and preserves ancient wisdom from important ancient sites and civilizations like the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Native Americans, etc. We publish films and reports, and even organize trips to help educate people on the kind of ancient wisdom that could actually help us move forwards as a species. And of course it’s also about helping people live out their Indiana Jones fantasies, haha.

Secondly you’ve got Project:Yourself, which is a personal growth movement that harnesses both ancient wisdom and space-age peak performance science to elevate people into the best versions of themselves.

Project:Yourself trains people to harness a unique selection of tools, like meditation, brainwave entrainment, Ayurveda, visualization, astrology and a ton more through home training courses and live events. I’m also super excited about a new brand I’m building under Deep Origins, called Ancient Healthcare. The focus here is Ayurveda, and we’re working on both supplements and a massive documentary film that I believe is going to make a huge impact in the field of health and wellness.

3. The ‘Project Yourself’ Program talks about ‘reality hacking’ and ‘reality  bending’. What does  ‘reality hacking’  mean to you? Does everyone have the ability to bend reality?

AMISH: This idea of bending reality is about tapping into forces both inside you and around you… to amplify your personal power and create powerful positive outcomes in every area of your life. And by that I mean forces like ‘superhuman’ intuition and creativity. Heart intelligence. Vibrations. Ancient sounds and symbols with the power to alter human brainwaves. Planetary movements. And the collective consciousness that some people refer to as ‘The Universe’.

It’s about stepping up to the infinite power you were born with, but lost somewhere along the way due to social conditioning and the fact that 99% of people have no clue on how to access it.

So yes, EVERYONE has the ability to bend reality – but they need to be reminded of how to do it. And that’s what Project:Yourself is about.

4. Another central idea of the Project yourself program is the 12,000 year old symbol called the ’Sri Yantra’.  What is your idea of it through your own experience?


AMISH: I first stumbled on the Sri Yantra in an ancient book on Vedic wisdom that my mom brought back from India. The first time I saw it I was like WHOA what is this???
Then I started reading up about the Sri Yantra and learning that this symbol is actually revered in Vedic, Buddhist and Tantric traditions as the visual personification of the building blocks of the Universe itself. In case you didn’t know, Yantra in Sanskrit means “Power Diagram”. Sri Yantra, therefore, translates as “King of Power Diagrams”. The common English translation is “Instrument of Creation”. Almost every mathematical principle that governs the laws of reality is embedded in those lines. You’ve got sacred geometry. You’ve got Pi. You’ve got the Fibonacci sequence.
And you’ve got countless experiments and studies by scientists and spiritual teachers alike that PROVE this symbol’s amazing power – like there was an EEG study at Moscow University that showed people’s brainwaves would dramatically shift just by looking at it. Farmers in India have found it increases crop yield. A scientist even claimed that the Egyptian Pyramids were engineered with the same angular measurements as the Sri Yantra.
Personally? I have a Sri Yantra in my house, and it’s gold-plated because gold is a powerful conductor of energy. And I use the Sri Yantra both as an energetic conductor, and as a focal point for my meditations. I even have a tattoo of it on my back, and I’m not even a tattoo kind of guy, haha.
It’s also pretty crazy to see what my students get out of using this symbol in their lives. Some use it to meditate more deeply. Some use it to accelerate physical and emotional healing. I even had one student from Ohio who swears putting the Sri Yantra in his car saved him from a car crash.

5. One thing that struck me  in one of your talks is the idea that what we see as other people’s success is not luck or coincidence but synchronicity they are manifesting through bending reality their way.  Can you tell us a bit how ‘Project Yourself’ can help people become masters of their life instead of bystanders?

AMISH: Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs for most people, because that’s the default state of the Universe. Things may seem chaotic or peaceful to us at different times, but if you stepped away from your individual experience, you would see that the Universe itself is always in perfect balance.

So unless you’re consciously creating the reality you want, you’re really subject to the whims of those ups and downs. You’ll have good times, and you’ll have bad times, but you won’t have much control over how much good or how much bad you’ll experience. That’s my definition of life “happening” to you.

Project:Yourself is about tapping into the creation powers that allow you to TELL the Universe exactly what you want. And you do that through daily conscious practices that awaken the highest potential of your mind, body and spirit. Anyone who wants to be the best they can be needs to do this. Anyone who wants to discover and share their greatest gifts needs to do this. And anyone who wants to no longer feel stuck, or disempowered, or aimless, or at the mercy of their career, money, health or relationship problems, needs to do this.

6. You said you have been asked these two questions a lot: “How did you become so successful and what is your secret sauce?”  Do you attribute some or much of your secret of success to how you changed your perspective regarding reality bending?

AMISH: I think how you define that word ‘success’ is important. A few years back I was pretty darn successful by conventional standards. I lived in an ocean view villa. I had millions in the bank. I had a Ferrari and a Maserati in the garage. But I was miserable, because I felt lost and stuck and unfulfilled with my life.

I remember one time in particular when I was taking a shower in my huge bathroom overlooking the ocean, and I really just felt like killing myself. That’s when I decided to redefine what success meant to me. I decided that success needed to have a deeper meaning to me, it had to be SPIRITUAL and not just material.

And to be successful spiritually, well you need to do some inner work on yourself. And you also need to start seeing beyond just yourself, and start seeing life as an opportunity to EXPLORE and GROW and be of SERVICE to others. It was that realization that put me on this path. And I intend to stay on it for the rest of my life.

7. What’s Amish’s current goal/project for the next five years?


AMISH: My singular focus right now is on spreading ancient wisdom and making it relevant again to modern lives. And like I said earlier, Ayurveda is my biggest focus when I talk about ancient wisdom, because of how holistic and powerful and applicable it is to the challenges modern people are facing.

People are stressed, they’re sick, they’re feeling stuck, they’re unhappy with their careers and finances, and the truth is so many of these problems come from WITHIN – and that’s not something conventional medicine or treatments can fully help with.

Personally, it’s ancient wisdom that elevated me into the happiest, healthiest, most abundant version of myself that I’ve ever been. And it’s not something you can get just by working hard or thinking positive or even trying to eat and exercise right.

The challenge with this ancient wisdom is that it needs to be taught the right way, and it needs the right approach so people don’t get intimidated or brush it off as old pseudoscience or hocus pocus.

The truth is that there’s so much credible science to all of it, and every result we talk about through Deep Origins is provable and replicable – so getting that message out there is my mission, and like I said, we’re going to stay on this path, and we’re going to change 10 million lives through this wisdom, and then 10 million more, until we’ve sparked a turning point for the whole planet 🙂

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  1. Keyur Patel (KP)

    Excellent Work my Brother. Extremely satisfaying to see someone from my Generation growing up in the US Northeast area and going back to our Roots. Amish keep up the great search of knowledge and wisdom to link forgotten civilization’s footprint which has made so much contribution to humanity going back millennium.

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