By Hannah Bundrant, Soul Hiker Contributor

It’s very apparent that the world we live in today is changing- we can either keep up with the changes or be stuck in the old world. One of these changes is realizing how much of an impact our thoughts and beliefs have on real-life events and outcomes. It’s time to stop thinking poorly of ourselves and what we’re capable of- it’s impossible to make improvements in your life if you doubt yourself or don’t know what you want out of life. Uncertain, insecure people make for uncertain and insecure lives.

What You Think is What You Become

Our thoughts alone affect us much more than we may think. This is because our thoughts take the form of brain waves in the real world- each thought that runs through your head is cast out into the world through energy and vibrations. Some people believe that whatever energy you cast out into the world is brought back to you, meaning if you live a life of love and peacefulness then your life will be full of love and peace, easy enough, right? Well, I’d say it’s true that a lot of us human beings like to steep in our own hate and discontentment. While it sucks in the moment to feel hate and negativity, it sucks double to have it come right back to you in another energetic form. On the same token, our brain waves can also affect the people and things around us, depending on how intense this thought or emotion is. This phenomenon is called mirror neurons and is supported by medical journals.


No Room for Negative Vibrations

So, if you think bad then you’ll get bad in return. This seems simple enough, but in actuality, eliminating self-limiting beliefs and habitual negativity is extremely difficult and could take a long time to adjust. Living life completely without negativity is almost impossible, but so much of the negativity, we’re surrounded by is brought on by ourselves, or we just don’t do anything to stop it. When you find yourself thinking badly about yourself, or thinking bad about anything in general, then you need to stop and evaluate why you’re thinking these unproductive thoughts. Everyone is going to have a different reason as to why they are thinking negatively about life, but bottom line it’s time for everyone to choose a life of positivity and happiness. Here is one way you can seriously cut that nagging negative voice in your head OUT: by standing up to it! Mike Bundrant from iNLP Center explains this idea on his website


Think Much Bigger than Your Current Self

Yes, it’s important to stop and take a look at your current self and life and evaluate what changes you’d like to make, and what you need to do to reach your goals. What you’re capable of accomplishing is so much bigger than what you can even fathom, so trying to adjust your life within your current means, or what you think you’re capable of- is inherently self-limiting. When making plans or goals for yourself, don’t let anything stop you from reaching for your dream house, dream location, dream job. Think as big as you can!

A great way to approach this change in cognition pattern is through meditation- or self-hypnosis. Scientifically, this means taking control of your brain waves a little more. When you enter a state of meditation, your brainwaves move from Beta (12 to 30 Hz) to Alpha (8 to 12 Hz), and sometimes even Theta (4 to 8 Hz). This means when you practice visualization at this point, it has easier access to your subconscious. With real intent and practice, you can make some serious changes in yourself and in your life with these tools!

Hannah Bundrant is a student at Cabrillo College, studying music professionally entering the field of Music Technology and Recording, Digital Publishing and Licensing. Working for the iNLP Center, Hannah has extensively researched the field of mental health, psychology, and NLP. You can find her company site at iNLP Center, and her personal/business page at

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