When in a free-thinking space, unrestricted by daily problems or things to attend to, I often used to find my mind entertaining this possibility: What if we could connect with someone’s genius, say Tesla, and ‘download’ that information and skills into our own mind?

It might sound something way out there, but in reality, it actually isn’t and when I read about this 1971 experiment, I was swept off my feet with excitement because something deep inside me was always telling me that it is quite possible.

The results of this experiment was later known as the Raikov effect, which is essentially a form of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) that uses a variety of brain techniques in order to use the power of your subconscious mind to drastically increase your abilities in any field such as arts, physical performance, cognitive abilities, career, etc, through ‘mimicking’ another person who is already a genius or top performer in the field. (hint: there is more than neuroscience to it. I will explore some more cool concepts further down this article)

How about being able to have certain qualities of your favorite actor, the genius or creativity of a well known artist, or perhaps the confidence and charisma of someone like Tony Robbins? Sounds fantastical right? Bear with me for a little while.

Enter Vladimir Raikov

Vladimir Raikov was a Russian neuroscientist who discovered and used certain techniques to drastically increase the abilities and release the latent genius of some of his students who he was using as part of his experiments and studies. In one famous example, his 1971 experiment, he convinced one of his students that she was the famous Italian painter Rafael. From there on, as she was consistently using his methods, she created some really astounding pieces of art that were at a master level and way beyond what was she was creating before.

This experiment was repeated over again with other students of his, notably a pianist who was convinced by Raikov that she had the abilities of famous pianist virtuouso Sergey Rachmaninov and another violinist student of his who could in a short time tap into some inner creative genius to make a quantum leap in his musical performance.

What Dr. Vladimir Raikov had discovered is a certain combination of brain training that includes visualization, hypnosis, modeling, positive thinking, suggestion and certain relaxation techniques that unleash the limitless power of the subconscious mind to create its own reality and circumstances.

The Raikov Effect Reloaded

The whole discovery was buried at the margins of mainstream psychology for a long while until it re-emerged mainly through a company working on personal development products called inspire 3.

The people behind inspire 3 developed a more comprehensive program around the original Raikov effect using some tools and tech that were not around in his time.

Raikov’s method was polished and streamlined into an easy to follow program that contain a set of audio tools which train the mind the Raikov method itself and also how to specifically apply it to particular areas such as boosting confidence, brain power, creativity, the law of attraction and generating more wealth.

You can find more about Inspire 3 Raikov Method here

What does the Raikov Effect really tell us about the human mind?

The subject is truly fascinating first and foremost for the huge potential it offers. We are truly able not only to program our subconscious mind, but to be able to do incredible feats while tapping into an infinite source of genius.

The other thing that is so fascinating is what it tells us about the human mind and how we interact with our environment to create our reality. Even though Raikov was dealing with the phenomena from a purely neuroscience perspective, like many others I believe that there is so much more going on there.

Now the fact that our subconscious mind is malleable and powerful enough to the point of going from ‘normal’ to genius or virtuoso in a matter of a short time is truly astounding by itself. That fact on its own is a true wonder that merits a lifetime of exciting exploration. Yet, there is something more incredible that combines aspects of neuroscience, quantum physics and mysticism.

There are two things I want to touch upon without going too far – the so-called quantum field and the hermetic law of correspondence.

The Quantum Field

When it comes to the quantum field, or whatever term you want to use from your own perspective, the very basic consensus around this notion is that there is a unified field of energy and information that is within everything and connects everything together. You and I are connected to it from the quantum scale all the way up to our body-mind complex. What this means is that we potentially can access any information in this field if only we are in the right state of consciousness and train ourselves how to filter it in and out.

Many researchers and scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake have spent decades working along this notion in ideas such as ‘morphic resonance’. Take for instance the decades long Harvard experiment with lab mice trying to solve a maze puzzle. What happened was this – when they eventually got better at it, the mice in other labs around the world, completely unrelated to the Harvard lab mice, were able to solve it in less time! So the only plausible hypothesis for this was that the new information that the Harvard lab mice learned was ‘stored’ or ‘written’ in this unified field to which other mice could connect and ‘download’. Information is not only stored genetically (these mice weren’t offspring or genetically related) but also in this quantum field.

Similarly one can think of certain human knowledge, skills, traits and personalities are also part of this universal field that you can possibly tune into if you are on the right frequency.

The Law of Correspondence

This ties in beautifully with the hermetic law of correspondence that says ‘As Above, so Below’. What this means is that what goes on outside of you is always a reflection of what goes on inside. Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner states. So if for instance you believe at some level that you are not worthy of love and appreciation, you will always encounter situations or relationships that will give you exactly that – lack of love and appreciation and this will in turn keep on strengthening that belief in a vicious cycle.

It works the other way too of course. If you manage to really change your beliefs and your internal states to believe you are a master painter, then you will start expressing and relating to the world in a way that opens up your creative channels, speeds up your learning and start shifting your perspective into that of a real master painter.

This is the same thing as the Raikov Effect and what Nuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) holds but it is just seeing it from one thin layer and the practical side of it. What is truly happening though is something more interesting.

Beyond the Raikov Effect

It seems that we haven’t made much stride from the 1971 experiment till today and we have only just scratched the surface of an enormous field of study that can open up a Universe of possibilities that change our lives. Partly this is due to how mainstream Science still belittles and gives little importance to research in parapsychology and other novel research that does not conform or fit with the current materialist paradigm.

Yet who says that we can’t be researchers ourselves as individuals and learn, through programs such as Inspire 3, and be open to experiment and most importantly share our results, perspectives and insights? We are really on a threshold of a consciousness revolution, one that people like Raikov have been contributing to, but not because Science or research tells us so, but it’s because we are finally remembering and believing in our untapped human potential.

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