From an early age we already start being told and taught by our caring adults, not to lie. We are warned softly, and sometimes in less lenient ways, that lying is not good and we should always say the truth, no matter what. As we grew up we were given lessons about this in more direct life situations we ended up being entangled in. Perhaps a real dilemma whether to say the truth about a certain something to a dear one, or perhaps we had to bear the brunt of being caught not saying the truth to a close friend or partner and jeopardising the relationship. We are also told many times that being truthful is a virtue we should nurture in order to be good friends, parents, lovers and citizens. Truthfulness is also closely linked to honesty of course but also honour, responsibility, reliability and most of all trust.

The thing that we don’t often hear say to us often, if at all, whether as children growing up or as adults in full bloom, is to be truthful and honest with ourselves. I find to this to be odd to say the least. I am not saying that being honest and truthful to others is not important, but being truthful to oneself is not only the foundation for being truthful in anything else in life, but because not being truthful to oneself is the root cause of so many problems, self-limitations and suffering.


To be truthful to yourself, you have first got to be aware and vigilant of what is going on inside – thoughts, feelings, conflicts and inner talk. Most people can be very insensitive to what happens inside their mind and body. It is kind of taken for granted and let itself run by default. This engenders slack and sloppiness in our inner life and growth. We feel that whatever goes on in the inner theatre is ours and therefore not subject to scrutiny. What’s more we think that if its our mental game, we certainly can’t lose and nothing harmful can come out of it. Of course, this thinking can’t be farther from the truth.

If you are not aware of what happens inside the inner stream of thoughts and feelings, you might not be aware that you have been hijacking yourself all your life. In a slap-in-the-face kind of way – you might have been living a lie but told only by yourself.

On the positive end of this note, awareness is always there ready to be put into play. It only takes a little bit of attention and practice. It doesn’t fade or go away. It is always there if we want to. That’s really great isn’t it? Being aware, doesn’t mean taking yoga class or doing hours of meditation. It does’nt mean you have to be someone special. If you think or believe that, just be aware that it is one example of untruthful mind talk. Being aware of what we say to ourselves, or whether our thoughts and actions are coming from a real place, or whether our true feelings and intuitions are being heard, are all examples of what we should be listening to more carefully to.


Being truthful, or more clearly, living from a space of inner truth, is an act of empowerment. Why? Because living your truth is giving yourself the power and freedom to be who you truly are. It’s a great leap out of the heavy psychic webs of social, psychological and emotional conditioning we are subject to throughout our lives. Living your truth means that you have successfully managed to free yourself from all that is not you and that you are living life by your own terms, efficiently and effectively: meaning not being weighed down by half-truths, self-sabotaging or just damn lies.

Living from a space of truth – where you are aware first of all of what is going on inside your stream of consciousness or which patterns are triggering you to do or react to something and secondly having the strength to face it and change it, is pure power. So one of the most effective paths to self-empowerment is living your truth. Period.

Clarity and space

There is beauty in being truthful to yourself. It opens up a new space for clarity where all confusion and uncertainty subsides. This is where self-sabotaging through resistances, beliefs and skewed inner talk (prevalent in all of us) really stops getting its power because it is now in the open space of clarity. The inner and darker machinations of the mind come out to the light of consciousness and this is where it ends. Confusion (meaning unknown unconscious forces and feelings polluting our judgment and discernment) turns to clarity because, and this is the most important thing relevant to us here, we stepped into the power of truth.

Development and growth

Being truthful to oneself, therefore, seems clear to me that it is mostly about getting out of your way and stop being your own enemy. If this had to be a card, such as one of those fancy oracle or tarot cards, I would draw something that would signify an unimpeded path.
And this is why that truth is also one of the biggest catalyst for inner development and self-growth because it clears the path from obstructions (all of which arise from ourselves) which is also the biggest and hardest part of the job.

In short, if you had to do just one thing in your alchemical inner work, make it to be learning to speak, breathe, live and act from your own truth.


Walking the inner path is a little bit like going through a meander of sorts, parts of which are patterned with pearls and gems of infinite beauty while some other tend to twirl into dark and ominous corridors much like one of those theme park rides. It can be hard at times when we have to face our deepest fears and resistances and come clean of all that has been holding us captive. Yet there are rewards way beyond anything the outside world can offer. It offers a Renaissance – a rebirth into that which you truly are, unimpeded, unobstructed and totally free.

This renaissance, is a pivotal point in anyone’s inner journey that can only be arrived at through the silent act of power of truthfulness. In our ego consciousness we filter our outside world and we interact back with it through our heavy layers of conditioning. As referred to above, the half-truths, the self-sabotaging and the damn lies we say mostly to ourselves. This is what keeps us in darkness – meaning away from the light of our true splendour as free and sovereign souls. Once we are committed to see through this conditioning and resolve to break free from it (see how in the above section on awareness), we mark the beginning of our renaissance.


The metaphor of the renaissance captures one important feature – new possibilities. When we act from a space of truth, we are not only refusing to stay imprisoned in our own limitations but we are now conjuring new possibilities to come into manifestation. What does this mean? It means we have opened ourselves to become more than we could ever be before. That space in our consciousness that was all crowded and busy with inner conflict, misperceptions and resistances has now opened up some vacancies for new possibilities to come in but with one major requirement stated in those vacancies – they need to be aligned and true with our higher Self.


Out of the many new possibilities that are open to you, one of the most charming in my opinion is understanding. You might think – that’s not really charming or appealing since I have been understanding things pretty much all my life…or so you think. Yet the word understanding takes on a new meaning and power. It’s not about understanding through the mind – like how A affects B and how C came into play. It’s an understanding or knowing that goes deep into your being. It is understanding from your higher consciousness rather than the mind and here is where the real gift is: Because this shift in understanding happens precisely because you are embodying your higher consciousness more into your physical body and space once you have unobstructed the channels of that communication through living out your truth.


The overall effect of this is one word – fulfilment. This idea is again different from the materialistic understanding of it: such as reaching the apex of your material achievements. Once again the real sense of fulfilment is much more than that and goes all the way to the level of soul. In fact it emerges out of the harmonisation of being aligned with your soul’s path and purpose (which by the way becomes more clear and apparent as you live from a space of truth – hence understanding).


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  1. Dechenla

    Beautifully articulated, thank you!

  2. Judith

    As a practitioner of The Diamond Path where the focus is always to discern the Truth , I was appreciative of the clarity of your post and it’s Truth. Thank you.

  3. Jan Sand

    Since I have never discovered who I truly am although I have spent a very long life searching for that perception I have often wondered what that information might be and whether it was worth the effort to find out.

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