So another year has come to an end! You are probably in full swing with the preparations for Christmas and New Year. I am also in ‘prep mode’ but not only for the celebrations and the gift-giving but also for what lies ahead in 2015. I am excited, hopeful and most of all blessed to know what I want to achieve next year!

I have identified those aspects of my life I need to change for the better. Did you have time to reflect on which changes you would like to see happening in your life throughout 2015? Perhaps more creativity, identifying new strengths and talents?, completing some project?

Anyway, let me tell you the one thing I have been fixated on for quite some time now – Simplifying my life and following my true passion. This is what I want to continue doing in 2015. This year I have created an online course specifically to help others achieve this goal. That is, to simplify their life, be more productive and focus on their life purpose. I had tremendous feedback from students who have followed the course and were excited to have learned more things than they expected.

Following this outstanding feedback, I have decided to make the course available to more people by offering a One-time special 80% discount off the normal price. Until 12th January you can purchase the course for Only $9.99 instead of the original price of $49.

Follow this link to grab the coupon code before it expires:

You might be asking “why do I need to learn how to Simplify my life and find my true purpose?” The answer is actually simple because this is the foundation of all the other positive changes you would like happening in 2015 and beyond.

Living a simpler life means parting away from the heavy baggage of stuff and ideas that are clogging up your space and time. In short they are making you less free to identify and achieve your real potential. More importantly it is closing you in from following your purpose in life, your passions and your talents. Following your purpose in life should be the only one thing you’re doing – the REAL change you should be bringing forward. It is the shortest and most straight-forward road to reach your happiness, success and self-actualisation.

Think again. What is it you really need to change in 2015?

The answer is only a click away!

Happy Holidays!

Gilbert Ross

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