Hidden in our closet of fears, in the dark recess of our subconscious mind, is the head honcho of all inner fears and threats – uncertainty. As you know, the fear of the unknown is what makes that feeling of uncertainty and all the other feelings and thoughts that bubble to the surface with it, sprout from the core of our psyche.

First things should be served first. Whenever you feel uncertainty about your future or The future, please understand before dealing with any of it, that this feeling of uncertainty is NOT your personal feeling of uncertainty. It is a shared human fear of the unknown that swamps the hinterland of the collective human psyche. So as with any other feelings or emotions or problem or situations, tilt a little bit your angle of view and promote to your conscious mind the knowing that “hey, don’t take it personally. This is not exclusively happening to me. It’s human life and part of our shared experience”.

Getting that little piece of advice out of the way, I think that it is faster to get to the juicy bits by agreeing on the fact that the world we are living in right now is growing in uncertainty by the day. It’s not that the future or what’s happening around us was ever certain for past generations or ancestors millennia ago, but it is definitely true that this is different now. So yes, let’s concede that uncertainty has reached unprecedented levels even if our awareness or experience of it may vary from person to person.

Bottomline then is this: we are experiencing a growing level of uncertainty in today’s world and this uncertainty is not less or more for you than me. We are in it together and – apologies for the spoiler – we have to deal with it together.
It is useless going over what is causing this uncertainty in a limited space of an article. Because if you try to pinpoint ‘things’ or ‘causes’ or ‘situations’, you will end up with an inexhaustible list. Let’s face it, as modern day humans, everything can potentially trigger our anxiety and unrest by making us feel insecure and uncertain. So what we need to look for are the primary root causes of all those things that are manifesting around us – whether it’s the Covid pandemic, the imminent recession or global economic collapse, political destabilisation, all stirred in with elevated feelings of fear and paranoia running wild and unchecked.
So, once again, all this uncertainty we feel about a world that is changing in evermore unpredictable ways in front of our very own eyes and even accelerating in its path, is connected to one thing only – the basic fear of the unknown. That fear of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, if everything will be OK and from knowing that we need to get our butts off our cushy comfort zones, whatever they are.

Now I am not saying that the crumbling world we know is caused by our fear of the unknown…. not completely (will get back to this later). What I am saying is that if we want to deal with the increasing levels of uncertainty about our life and our world, we need to deal with the fear of the unknown first.

How to deal with the unknown, uncertainty and unpredictability?

I am not a psychologist or therapist so I will not be dealing with how to deal with stress and anxiety from a psychological point of view, even though interesting and important, no doubt. What I would like to talk about is how we can shift our perspective and understanding on what is happening around us on a collective level and then how we can deal with it on a more personal or small community level.

I believe that what is first and foremost creating or rather triggering the fear of the unknown in us is not change or unpredictability but novelty. Change has always been unpredictable to different degrees, and even if it’s true that the change we are experiencing right now is getting more unpredictable by the hour, it is the absence of not having a past point of reference that is really fanning the flames of our fears.

Our subconscious mind dislikes change but more importantly, it abhors novelty – that thing that zaps us right between the eyes without knowing how to respond to it because it’s completely off our records. The subconscious mind lives and thrives on patterns and keeping those patterns intact as much as possible. Of course these patterns change too over time by learning new information or experiencing more of life but essentially it will keep on resisting anything that threatens to break those patterns and this is why freeing ourselves from old habits and patterns of behaviour is so hard.

Now when something is totally new and is not pegged to some previous pattern of some sort, we subconsciously open up to the deepest of our fears – the fear of the unknown. And quite rightly, this time it’s not that irrational as a fear either because, truth be told, novelty is the twin sister of the unknown. It is how we collectively understand and approach this novelty that is the key to it all.
So to deal with the fear of the unknown is to understand with a bit more clarity what is it that is emerging in our world today that is totally new, unexpected and unregistered in the annals of history?

No it’s not the Covid pandemic. It’s us – a new humanity. That is the short end of it all. We are moving into something new, forging our evolutionary path into one that both us and nature have never trodden before. Am I raving mad? I don’t think so – at least not on this matter 😃 When we will see it, we will deepen our understanding of it, of us, and the disquieting pervasive sense of uncertainty and doubt will pacify into an inner recognition and appreciation of what is being birthed.

Wait…what? New Humanity? Meaning?

A new humanity is a bit of an overarching concept. It cannot be pinned down to one element or characteristic. It’s a complex tapestry that cannot be appreciated just by looking at a particular detail or even a motif in its rich mosaic of overlapping features. In fact, to even start understanding what it means, we need to take off our lenses of materialist 19th and 20th century thinking. We need to leap forward from validating our world through breaking it down to its parts to making sense of it through the connections and interdependency of those parts. We need some deep systems thinking.

We need to understand first what is driving the motor of change even with all its apparent negative manifestation of an outwardly chaotic world. What is this force that is pushing us into this accelerated change? Is it a choice, a design or just an unconscious impulse we can’t really understand with the rational part of our minds?

I think it’s a bit of all, and more, that is happening on all levels from our biology, to our electromagnetic field systems, up to our society and culture and beyond. It is like we are following an impulse that has been designed to become active at this moment in time while we are awakening to make certain conscious choices that are opening up new possibilities we never had the opportunity to realise before. This is why it feels like things are accelerating because all these elements are kicking in and affecting each other more and more.

People have been talking about the fact that humanity is shifting or that our collective consciousness is shifting. More than that I believe that it is our perspective and awareness that is really shifting and this I believe is driving the real change we are witnessing around us – good or bad. The nasty side of it is only a manifestation of the processes of inner conflicts and resistances expressing themselves outwardly. The world at any stage and state is really us inside out. These processes and resistances are necessary as it is necessary for any birth or transformation.

We are moving into the awareness and realisation that we are not the passive witnesses of all that we experience around us, individually or collectively, but we are the creators of those experiences. In a simple chart, it would be expressed as a three phase switch. The first is the victim state of consciousness where we think we are just subject to the tides of life. The second is the magician mindset where we understand that we can deeply influence which timeline and possibility we can step into or bring forward into our reality. The third is the deep realisation that we are actually creators of those timelines and possibilities. Right now we are accelerating from phase one to phase two and this will bring along with it a huge number of quakes and tectonic shifts we are only beginning to experience right now.

In a real world scenario, the Covid pandemic, for instance, will not go away. It’s not that the virus, perceived or real ( I will not go into that), will stay, but the effects in global change it is creating will continue to grow, kicking off another cycle of change after the other. Truth is, this is a point of no return and the quicker we are to assimilate it, the smoother and quicker the ride will be.
So another bottomline is this: Uncertainty will keep on growing not because things around us are changing faster and in more unpredictable ways, but because we are not dealing with the deepest fears of all – the unknown – and to do this we need to become more and more aware of what is driving this change: Us birthing into a new Humanity.

Imagine being in front of a mirror and you start seeing your body morphing very quickly. Not knowing what is happening, you go into a total state of panic to say the least. The outer change you see in the mirror, which is only caused by the inner change happening in you, causes a lot of fear – primarily a deep fear of the unknown…so basically not knowing WTF is happening. The more you panic and succumb into fear, the changes you see in the mirror become even more unpleasant and pronounced which then reinforces your fear in a vicious cycle. This is the part where our fear of the unknown is also taking part in creating the perceived chaotic global change we are witnessing around us.

The whole thing can be flipped around if only you become aware of what you are ultimately changing into. You cannot know in which way you are changing or for how long, but you do know and appreciate that you are changing into something new and better. With that acceptance comes grace. You are no longer under the grips of the fear of the unknown. There are unknown factors, yes, but you are now seeing and trusting that you are changing into something that WE are consciously creating together.

So the last piece of the puzzle is the understanding that we are all in it together and the best of all options and outcomes is to deal with it together. This is not just for the simple fact that more minds and hearts are better than one or few, but because what is happening and coming through is being born through us. Together we have more capacity and processing power to deal with all that is happening because all that is happening is nothing but us worn inside out into the world.

The Real Bottomline:

You can’t process uncertainty on a personal level because what is unfolding around you is happening through us and by us, together. To get more ‘processing power’, we need to start looking at it and dealing with it together as we share and serve each other in family, tribes and small communities of like-minded people who are genuinely interested in dealing with it, learning and growing from it. Most of all we need to find the space to include the perspective that we are changing as a whole humanity and what we are seeing happening around us is just one of the many effects of this unprecedented change.

We can’t know for sure what we are changing into and how long it will take because quite frankly we do not have a manual or a template – we are that template and we are writing that manual. It’s up to us really. This is a level of creative freedom we have never shared before on such a widespread level and as more people become more conscious of this and get connect together, the result will be truly the birth of something completely new and astounding but without us getting lost in the fear of the unknown because in this case, we are the unknown and we are truly welcoming it with open hearts and minds.

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