Your Life is a Precious Gift

This is a guest post by Declan O Flaherty of Taught2Think

Would you give up your life for your mother, father, brother or sister?

I’m sure if most people were faced with this horrendous decision, their answer would be an undoubted and resounding YES. The reason I mention this is to make you contemplate that if the decision was reversed, then there are certain people in your life who would do the same for you. Whenever you feel like you are not good enough, or if you ever doubt how important you really are, just realize that your life means everything to the people who love you most.

How much do you value your life at this moment. Do you wake up each morning, thankful for the precious gift of life you possess?

Do you consciously make an effort to give gratitude for the amazing people in your life who would drop everything to help you out when you’re in need?

I have met many people throughout my life who do not consciously realize just how important they really are. Life’s obstacles seem to have numbed their sense of self-worth and they become reactors towards the reality they perceive, rather than embracing the beauty that’s all around them.

  • Happiness is not contained in the material things we acquire.
  • Happiness is not a thing we seek, but a thing we already possess.
  • Happiness is contained in the realization that you are perfect, worthy, and always loved.

Becoming aware of the important role you play in your loved ones’ lives should give you the realization that you may be more important than you give yourself credit for.

How often do you show your appreciation to the people in your life who love you?  Do you shy away from expressing your feelings openly to them?

I believe that ‘Gratitude’ for the abundance we have in our lives is the single most powerful thing we can contemplate on a daily basis. To express and embrace the importance of one’s existence, is to accept the truth, the truth that to the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world. (Heather Cortez).

When we complain about the stuff in our lives that will have no consequence further down the line, we ultimately give up the power we have to appreciate the truly important things we possess. Stop fussing over non trivial matters and start focusing on what’s really important to you.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others who depend on our happiness, to finally let go and embrace everything that life has to offer, whether it be an obstacle or an opportunity.

I could never understand when people would ask me, “Are you happy?” My answer is always the same, what’s the alternative? I’m happy just to be alive, I’m happy just to be able to experience life. I spend time every day giving thanks and gratitude for the people in my life who love me, and whom I love too. I don’t worry about the unimportant stuff. I feel it is an insidious thing to complain about non trivial matters in my life, after all, how many people would give anything to be in my position.

There are people around you who would give up their lives for you to live yours, if that was a decision they had to make. Don’t waste that precious gift of life by letting it just happen to you. Create the world you want to live in and give thanks that you have the power to make any decision you see fit. Decide once and for all, to let go of the small stuff and be grateful for the big stuff…the important stuff. You know what’s really important in your life, but how often do you consciously make the effort to express it.

“If only” are two words you do not want to be contemplating when the time comes for you to look back over your life.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this post, take care, and as always, have a wonderful day.

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Article by: Gilbert Ross