About Me

Greetings and welcome to Soul Hiker!

Me!My name is Gilbert Ross and I feel privileged to be able to share with you some of my thoughts, insights, inspirations and lessons I am learning as I hike my way through a journey of inner-development and spiritual growth.

One thing should be set straight from the beginning. I am no Guru or Spiritual Master or enlightened being. I am just a guy who has started his journey on a path and who wants to reach out, share notes, learn, inspire and be inspired by people on the same path like you (If you are reading this you are either on the path already or about to join in even if you might not know it).

The path can be long, winding and lonely at times but is definitely rewarding.

The idea behind this Blog came out of a very simple thought:  “Why not pass on to others that which I am reading and learning? And while I’m at it why not talk to other Soul Hikers and learn from them or exchange views with them?”

This idea was strengthened and encouraged by the support of my wife Rui who I always feel grateful to for her simple but effective words of wisdom.

I feel particularly excited to be living in this moment in time where thoughts and ideas can be spread out and exchanged so incredibly easy and in abundant volumes thanks to the enabling communication technologies of our times. I am also relatively new to Blogging but I feel confident that as I go along I will make good progress in this area as well.  The message cannot be spread effectively without the right media and a medium without a meaningful message is worth very little.

Thanks for visiting my Blog. If you liked it and found the articles in it interesting I would be happy. If you want to share your views, I’d be delighted. If you want to comment, I’d be intrigued and thankful. If the articles have been an inspiration or of any help to you I’d be exhilarated and their purpose would be fulfilled. If you want to pass on the word to others, then you are making my efforts more worthwhile!

I am pleased to meet you on the path

Gilbert Ross