Expand Your Consciousness

Mind expanding insights and stories written for those Soul Hikers who want to travel that extra mile

Higher Living with Purpose

Creating meaning and living out your higher purpose 

Growth Factor: We are Only Victims to Ourselves

The Power Continuum  Everyone of us is somewhere along the victimhood-empowerment continuum. Let me explain. Imagine a line that stretches across a page and at one end of this line there is a callout that says ‘Absolute Victim’ followed by...

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Are we shifting into group consciousness?

Does anybody know where we are heading as a culture, collective and a species? This is not a rhetorical question or a cynical remark. It’s a simple, down-to-earth and unassuming question. Think about it for a little while. To...

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The Art & Science of Inner Communication

There is an art and science to better inner communication which is by far one of the most powerful personal development tools available. Through the use of the imagination you can use self-talk and self-expression to start changing your inner...

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Reality Shifts

Mind opening articles that will change your perspective on life

Guest Hikers

Fellow Soul Hikers Sharing their wisdom and love with the tribe 

Divine Affirmation Poems for the Heart

I had received a guest post request a couple of weeks ago by Matt Buonocore who introduced himself to me as working with “affirmation, quotes and poems of the divine nature”. I was instantly intrigued, not only because this...

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