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How to Survive the ‘Negativity Pandemic’

Lately we have heard so much about the global economic crisis, recessions, job cuts, natural disasters, increasing environmental problems and so on. Continuous talk about these things can easily influence the collective psyche in a negative way. Even before recent events, we have always been bombarded with news, images and video clips of tragedies, wars,disasters, violence, crime,etc  from a very…

Why Passion is such a Bad Thing

I have been annoyed for some time now about the frequent misuse of the term ‘Passion’ in the personal development arena. I must admit beforehand that I was also guilty of the same mistake in one or two of my past articles. The thing is that passion is most frequently used to mean a positive quality that is essential for…

Lifescape artists is Online!!!

I’m glad to announce the birth of a new blog – Lifescape artists!! The blog was launched yesterday by myself and friend and co-founder Srinivas Rao of The Skool of life. We started working on the idea a few weeks ago when Srini approached me with the proposal of starting up a multi-authored blog. The idea struck me immediately and…

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