By Chris Day, Soul Hiker contributor

The expansion of one’s consciousness is one of the many ways to improve one’s spirituality. In Jungian Analytic Psychology, we have seen that the self is primarily composed of three aspects – the conscious, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious.

For Jung, our consciousness can be very limited, given that we aren’t able to fully access the entirety of our resources. As such, the way to expand one’s consciousness is by making sure that one can tap on these different points, given that each of them has a unique value to offer.

For instance, the personal unconscious gives us access to repressed traits (shadow), while the collective unconscious allows us to know things beyond conscious experience (archetypes).

As such, in this, article, we will be exploring ten simple ways to grow spiritually, as we try to widen the scope of our conscious minds.

#1 Practice daily meditation

By engaging in constant and daily meditation, you will be able to train your mind to free itself from unnecessary thoughts. In doing so, you’re practically pulling trash out, allowing space for positivity in.

#2 Use the power of healing crystals

As one of the famous New Age practices, healing crystals allow for unparalleled spiritual growth. By amplifying your natural affinities, these crystals will enable you to experience healing beyond the cellular level.

By emitting stored vibrations and low-frequency energies, these gemstones can aid you in other spiritual practices. For instance, if some negative energy is currently blocking your third-eye chakra, using a black tourmaline can help in the whole process. This practically makes healing crystals indispensable given that they can be used in-conjunction with other spirituality methods.

#3 Regulate your chakra points

Aside from healing crystals, it is also crucial to regulate your chakra points. As energy flows through vital parts of the body, these points can be blocked or overactive. We will be able to recognize these problems as we become more problematic in key areas in our life – direction, love, health, etc.,

Addressing these points ensures that positive cosmic energy flows through us.

#4 Incorporate the five reiki mantras in your daily life

Originating from Japan, the five Reiki mantras can be a good source of improving one’s spirituality in simple yet effective ways. By incorporating the “just for today” clause in 5 key mantras (I will do my work honestly, I will not worry, I will not get angry, I will be kind to every living thing, I will be grateful), you will be able to slowly change the way you live.

Moreover, the great thing about this approach is that if you fail today, you can always do better tomorrow. It doesn’t need you to make big decisions each day, but it wants you to make small ones that will become good habits.

#5 Law of Attraction

Popularized by the book The Secret, this ancient practice seeks to attract good riddance by having its user believe in universal positivity. By programming your unconscious towards positivity, the law of attraction seeks to bring you closer to your goals and dreams in life!

#6 Shadow Work

As one of the parts in the Jungian Individuation process, shadow work seeks to address the repressed traits and qualities within you. By trying to unravel the notions that you have most likely suppressed, you are able to address issues in your life that are pointed towards involuntary actions and notions.

When we are not aware of our shadows, we will find ourselves confused and at awe with certain life choices. The only way to solve this is to acknowledge them (and thus bringing it to the light of consciousness).

#7 Learn more about Archetypes

Being part of our primordial self, the Jungian archetypes contribute to who we are today. As these ancient conceptions of the self become part of us, they partly mold the choices that we make and when we make them.

Thus, by understanding their essential gifts, strengths, weaknesses, goals, problems, etc., we will have a better grasp of who we are on the archaic level.

#8 Identify your Love Language

Just as we are relational beings, identifying our love language helps in expanding our consciousness. By understanding that there are basic relationship dynamics, we become better at communicating with other people, which in turn improves the way we understand the world.

#9 Yoga

Physically, yoga enhances our bodily functions as it is a popular form of exercise. But unlike other physical activities, this one is sensitive to our spirituality as it incorporates principles relevant to achieving inner peace.

Thus, this ancient traditional practice becomes universally popular. By incorporating it on your daily activities, you will be able to create a condition for the expansion of your consciousness.

#10 Individuation Process

Down to our last and final tip, the individuation process is Jung’s way of incorporating elements from the unconscious to the conscious. In doing so, one’s consciousness naturally expands as more resources become available to him.

By engaging in the individuation process, we can unlock the meaning of our dreams and unconscious thoughts. While seemingly insignificant, these moments are beautiful resources for meaning and understanding of the self. By engaging in this endless push-and-pull, our consciousness now has a bigger scope

Just remember, the whole process of expanding one’s consciousness requires constant attention and awareness to one’s thoughts and ideas. Regardless of the method, the core principle is to become more aware of our individuality.


Chris is the head writer at, a spirituality and self discovery website that uses its proprietary archetype quiz to identify people’s 39 dominant personality types. You can find Chris through his Website , Facebook or Instagram account

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  1. Jan Sand

    As someone who has studied his consciousness for over 90 years I have been aware that I am merely a conscious awareness as a small tool of a brain with an immense and intricate construction that is more or less totally unaware of the outside world except for the impulse input fom the rather meagre set of senses evolution has found necessary for my survival and reproduce. This consciousness which I identify as myself exists within the fabricated reality my brain has manufactured for my navigation through this very limited model which cannot be more than an insecure structure that requires continuous modification and updating.I have never had any spiritual experiences and the bulk of religions I have examined are little more than amusing fantasies with litle if any relevance to my experience of wnat might be going on.

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