By Curtis Dean, contributor

Music is highly therapeutic in nature. This is why many people have utilized music as a healing modality in different variations of therapy. In fact, music as a therapy has become very popular these days due to its unparalleled yet proven benefits. And it is in no doubt as to why people today are increasingly choosing music as a form of healing and self-improvement.

Notes of Healing

There are different kinds of music. Genres and classes are now too many to classify in one seating. While music therapy utilizes different kinds and genres, recent studies suggest that spiritual music has become more powerful than any other genre in terms of healing.

One need not attend music lessons or any of the like to reap the benefits. Even just by listening to it on a regular basis, the healing benefits can already be obtained.

For many decades, spiritual music has become a popular choice by many individuals who seek personal and spiritual growth of some sort. This is probably the reason why this kind of music is very often associated with certain Yogic, Buddhist and shamanic practices given its nature and benefits.

Spiritual music – often involving chants, mantras and instrumental sounds aimed at entraining the mind and nervous system – is frequently utilized in yoga and meditation sessions. The reason is that it offers time-proven mental and spiritual benefits that can improve one’s mental health, balance and quality of life in general. Accordingly, it is now depicted as the soul’s language.

The Secret Healing Power of Spiritual Music

As mentioned above, it is now widely accepted even in the less spiritual circles, that spiritual music is powerful and therapeutic. But, if you are not yet convinced with the apparent thoughts and notions about the matter, or haven’t yet tried the practice yourself, here are some of the main reasons why spiritual music has been shownto offer secret healing power:

Inspires the Soul

Spiritual music inspires and moves the soul. As mentioned, it has become the soul’s language. It speaks directly into it and allows the soul to move mountains. This is why it is also considered as food for the soul.

Regularly listening to spiritual music creates a space within one’s self wherein truest emotions can be expressed. This is why people who, for example, took piano lessons and utilize it to create spiritual music are very deep. They are also found to be in tune with their truest self.

Promotes Faith

Music and religion are always connected. This is why almost all groups of faith today have their own music preferences when claiming and promoting faith.

While many might not be fans of joining religion groups, spiritual music per se is enough tool for cultivating faith in Spirit, the Divine, and not least empowerment and faith in onself. As depicted, it is the type of music that opens up a space to be connected with yourself and lifts your vibes and spirit to a higher degree. It gives that sense of belongingness and connection with the truest version of yourself as a divine being.

Reduces Anxiety

Another widely known reason why spiritual music is seen to have healing powers is because of its benefits in terms of anxiety management. Music, in general, is found and proven to reduce anxiety especially in combination with other practices such as breathing, relaxation techniques, Yoga and meditation. In fact, it can even treat depression and other kinds of mental issues related to stress and anxiety.

This is also one of the reasons why music therapy has become prominent in recent times. But, when focusing on spiritual music, it is seen to effectively reduce anxiousness that allows any individual to be more conscious and aware in the present moment which in turns helps to dissolve feelings of anxiety.

Better Focus on Tasks

Similarly, music is also helpful in improving focus and concentration. While people can choose their preferred music when intending to have better focus, spiritual music, particularly ones that use Binaural Beats and isochronic tones, is found to be more effective and efficient. This is an apparent healing power of the genre since it allows the mind to shift into slower brain waves called Alpha and Theta waves that promotes a state of focused relaxation and receptivity to learning.

Improves Mental Health

Mental health is equally important, as to your physical health. While music generally benefits the human health as per studies, spiritual music targets the mental aspect of your overall health. This is, by far, one of the most powerful healing aspects of the genre.

Aside from improving the production of happy hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin, it seemingly appears to diminish most of the mind’s trigger points leading to various mental health concerns such as stress.


In conclusion, music is highly therapeutic in nature. Although all kinds and genres of music have their own healing powers, spiritual music has been found to offer much more effective benefits that target the emotional and mental states of a person.

So, the next time you feel that you need to be connected with yourself to heal yourself internally, try putting on some spiritual music. You can also try to meditate with it.

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